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Amy Ignatowski Memorial Award Application Form

To apply for the Amy Ignatowski Memorial Award you must be an active U.S. Coast Guard member, Coast Guard Reservist or their dependent from USCG Sector Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, and be accepted as a student in any course of study at Lake Superior State University with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Active-duty Coast Guard members must have completed a minimum of six months of military service and reservists must be in drilling status.

The deadline for applications is: Friday, July 8, 2016

Full Name:

Email Address:

LSSU Student ID:

Cumulative GPA:

Amy Ignatowski was attracted to the U.S. Coast Guard's lifesaving mission, and their can-do attitude. Why did you choose to enlist in the United States Coast Guard?

For Dependents Only: Why do you believe the U.S. Coast Guard is an important branch of the military service?

What are your academic goals?

How can education help improve the Coast Guard and those that serve?

This scholarship represents a young woman who believed in self-improvement and "lived life". Describe in what ways you aim to self-improve:

Describe what it means to "live life":


Please send one letter of recommendation byFriday, July 8, 2016to:

LSSU Foundation
650 W. Easterday Avenue
Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783
Attn: Sharon Dorrity
Fax: 906-635-2856

If you have a digital copy of your letter of recommendation, upload it here:
(Formats Accepted: .doc .pdf .txt .rtf; File Size Limit: 100MB)