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SoHO: South Hall Opportunity (The South Hall Renovation Project)

A Message from the SoHO Chair: Opening the Window of Opportunity

The atmosphere of learning has never been more important than it is today in business education. Lake Superior State University’s School of Business is committed to preparing students for the competitive demands of a global economy. As an alumnus and a Michigan businessman, I recognize the importance of that commitment, not only in my own life, but throughout the region.  Tomorrow’s business and community leaders will pass through the halls of LSSU and our unique ability to shape and inspire those leaders is a prized opportunity that deserves nothing less than excellence.

For more than 40 years, business students have immersed themselves in the exceptional academic programs and personalized attention that is uniquely Lake State’s. Faculty have kept pace with 21st century teaching methods and business practices, but the lack of modern facilities for the School of Business hampers this learning experience.

That’s why the LSSU Board of Trustees has charged the Foundation to pursue a capital campaign to support the renovation of the historic South Hall classroom building as the new home for the LSSU School of Business. There are critical reasons to support this campaign, including:

Absence of a facility hinders recruitment and enrollment. Prospective students choose universities with modern facilities and an identified building to house their program. At LSSU, business students are spread throughout the campus without program identity and a place to call home.

Education flourishes in the right environment. The desired environment clusters classroom space, faculty offices, gathering places, and technology labs in one common setting. Students and faculty intermingle more commonly and the collegial environment becomes a catalyst for innovative thinking and learning.

Proper preparation demands technology. In today’s climate of change, technology is the driving force and properly-prepared students must be knowledgeable of the tools available in their given specialty. Keeping pace with today’s technology cannot be considered a luxury in the competitive, post-secondary world. It is a fundamental need.

Our campaign goals are ambitious, but so are our alumni and faculty – our most powerful assets.  We invite you to hear their voices as you learn more about our exceptional program, our overwhelming need for an appropriate facility, and the limitless potential that is unique to Lake State.

Chuck Schmidt.
Chair, South Hall Renovation Project
Portfolio Manager and CFO, Seizert Capital Partners





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