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Geology at LSSU

Lake Superior State University provides an excellent opportunity to study geology. Located on the edge of the Canadian Shield and Michigan Basin , we offer a highly innovative, project-centered curriculum that was developed with the financial support of the National Science Foundation. Our classes and field courses emphasize learning through active participation and hands-on experience. The small size of our department fosters a close, personal relationship among students and between students and faculty. Our very active Geology Club organizes regular social activities and local field trips. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research in geomagnetics and micropaleontology.

Geoscientists study the natural systems that make up our Earth - its atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere (yes, rocks!). Geology deals with the dynamic Earth and its physical, chemical and biologic history. It involves the study of changes that are taking and have taken place and the forces that cause these changes. For example, geologists interpret the movements of the continents over geologic time and the formation of mountains, volcanoes and other features of the Earth's surface. Geologists attempt to understand our physical environment from which we derive most of the natural resources essential to civilization. They investigate the processes that led to the formation of mineral deposits, and oil, gas and coal. They also study environmental change throughout the history of the Earth and how that change and the development of life are related. Geologists attempt to predict natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides, and they are very active in modeling groundwater flow to develop water reserves for municipalities and to protect groundwater from contamination. Geologists study the constraints imposed by nature and apply their knowledge to achieve harmony between the human race and its environment.

Geology is an exciting field of study at LSSU, we provide a broad-based foundation in all aspects of geoscience. Our field excursions provide a wide variety of local, regional, and national experiences in diverse geological settings. Our curriculum, strong field emphasis, and cutting-edge research opportunities for undergraduates provides a unique opportunity for students to obtain highly paid employment in the energy fuels, minerals, and environmental industries and to successfully compete for graduate school acceptance and financial support.

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