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The Geology Programs at LSSU are exciting. Our innovative curriculum, developed with support from the National Science Foundation, offers many opportunities for field work, hands-on learning, and close interaction with professors. Over 50% of graduating LSSU geology majors have completed M.S. and Ph.D. degrees at excellent U.S. and Canadian graduate schools and we have a proven record of employment upon graduation.

Numerous LSSU graduates are currently attending graduate school with full financial support for M.S and Ph.D,'s. Graduate programs include U. of California , Berkeley; Kansas University; Indiana University; Colorado School of Mines; University of Texas, El Paso; New Mexico Tech etc.. Representative starting salaries that our students have received include $80,000 in minerals, and $85,000 in energy fuels.

There are a number of degree tracks that are offered by the department. Students can receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, Environmental Geology, or Secondary Teaching with a Geology emphasis. In addition there are minors available in Geology or Geology Earth Science for Secondary Teaching. The official requirements for the Geology Degree are found in the current LSSU Catalog.
Degree Requirements
  • Geology BS
  • Environmental Geology BS
  • Geology Minor
  • Sample Schedules
  • Geology BS
  • Geology BS, Chemistry Minor
  • Environmental Geology BS

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