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How to avoid the Flu


Do you really know how to do it?

Proper hand washing is proven to aid in one’s overall good health.

Improved adherence to hand hygiene has been clinically proven to terminate outbreaks in all facilities and to reduce overall infection rates. Hand washing with soap and water remains the most sensible preventative strategy against acquiring infections and is recommended by the CDC and other experts. Here are some tips for effective hand washing:

  • Adjust water flow so that the water is warm. Warm water removes less protective oil of the skin than hot water.
  • Wet hands thoroughly, and apply soap to hands. In addition, hold the hands lower than the elbows so that water flows from the arms to the fingertips. This ensures that water flows from least contaminated to the most contaminated.
  • Use firm rubbing and circular movements to wash the palm, back, wrist, and interdigital areas (between fingers). This process should be done for a minimum of 20 seconds (try to sing “Happy Birthday” once or twice).
  • Dry arms and hands thoroughly. Moist skin becomes chapped readily which could lead to openings in the skin and potential infections.
  • Use the paper towels you just finished drying with to turn the water off. This will help prevent you from picking up micro-organisms from the faucet handles.

SLEEP and REST...vital for good health

There are many factors that will run down the body, and make you feel tired. Stresses to the body can be physical, emotional or chemical. They can be caused from running a marathon, having a hard day with your boss at work, or even eating too much sugar.

When you feel tired or sleepy, that’s your intelligent body telling you what it needs. Pushing your limits by taking caffeine or other stimulants can cause the body to ultimately break down. Lack of seep increases the likelihood of many different illnesses because it lowers your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to colds, infections and disease.

In fact, sleep deprivation affects the body much like stress, including weight gain, increased cortisol levels, distorted thyroid hormone levels, and elevations in glucose and insulin.   Rest is necessary for renewed energy.When we are adequately rested, we concentrate better and improve our efficiency.

Resting is definitely not a time waster if it helps us be more focused and effective in what we do. Sleeping is not a time waster either. When we sleep, the body gets rid of waste products, circulates minerals, vitamins and hormones, and allows the body to naturally defend and repair itself from potential diseases.









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