Redefining the Classroom

SPRING 2017 Honors Courses


ENGL 111-H01 Honors Composition II - 3 Credit Hours

Professor Julie Barbour


This course prepares students for the complex demands of academic literacy and research. These require students to be able to critically observe personal and public knowledge; ask questions of reading and research; formulate hypotheses; design and conduct research projects, both in the library and in the field; and identify further avenues of inquiry. To help students develop these abilities, the course also teaches students the basic skills of analysis, interpretation, critical thinking and documentation. Required course work included completion of an extended research project. Prerequisite: a grade of C or higher in ENGL110.



COMM 101-H01 Honors Fundamentals of Communication - 3 Credit Hours

Dr. Balfantz


A study of communication theory as it relates to the oral sender and receiver in interpersonal, dyadic, small group, and public speaking situations. Application will be in perceptual analysis, dyadic encounters, small group problem-solving and discussion, and public speaking situations.



HONR 302- 001 Psychology in Film and Memoir - 3 Credit Hours

Dr. H. Russell Searight

Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00 PM

This Honors Seminar will examine how abnormal psychology and treatment is portrayed in film and personal memoir. Psychotherapy and family dynamics will also be covered through various films and memoirs. The goal of this course is to address the "human" dimension of psychology, an area that is often overlooked. Films and memoirs are used by various professions to improve their methods, so the skills learned in this course will have real-world applicability.



HONR 101-001 From Farms to your Plate: Making the US Food System Better for All Concerned - 2 Credit Hours

Dr. Gregory Zimmerman

Tuesdays 6:00 - 8:00 PM

This Honors Seminar will examine the challenges faced by the US food system, the emerging alternatives, and how each of us can help to improve the good system to make it better for everyone. We all have a role to play in helping make the US food system more environmentally responsible, healthier, and more just for all concerned. Since food system work crosses through just about every discipline from natural and social sciences to business and economics to arts and humanities, and is personally relevant to all, it should make a suitable Honors Seminar for a wide range of students.


Study Abroad Oppurtunities


In addition, the Honors Program has partnered with study abroad programs in both Scotland and Costa Rica

In order to recieve honors credits for these study abroad programs, one or more Honors Contracts must be completed

Contact Jason Swedene with any questions.


Spring Semester: January 26-May 12, 2017

As a participant in the spring program you will be required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credits, including Scotland: Society and Globalization, a wide-ranging course that explores different aspects of contemporary Scottish society. Your courses will run throughout the entire semester, similar to most courses on your home campus. Wednesday afternoons are reserved as a time for field experiences related to your coursework.

The semester program fee of $8,500 includes:

  • 12-18 credits of tuition
  • Accommodation in a shared room
  • Breakfast Sunday-Saturday while classes are in session
  • Lunch and dinner Monday-Thursday while classes are in session
  • Bus pass
  • Use of a basic mobile phone
  • Class field trips and activities
  • Opportunities to participate in free day long trips in the region
  • CISI health insurance
  • 24 hour staff support

POLI 377      Scotland: Society & Globalization/Scottish Professor Gerry Mooney/3 cr. (required)

HIST 277      British History/Scottish Professor Joyce Miller/3 cr.

CDGE            Scotland: Heritage and Culture/Scottish Professor Gerry Mooney/3 cr.

CHLD 440    Family and Culture/James Geidner/UW-Superior/3 cr.

CHLD 477    Forests and Fairies of Scotland/James Geidner/UW-Superior/3 cr.

SOCY 277    Human Sexuality/James Geidner/UW-Superior/3 cr

COMM 177  Media & Society/Fay Akindes/UW-Parkside/3 cr

SDGE 100     Intercultural Communication/Fay Akindes/UW-Parkside/3 cr.

COMM 377  Gender, Race, Class & Sexuality in Media/Fay Akindes/UW-Parkside/3 cr.

USEM 100    Career Exploration in an International Setting/On-site Course Mentor (Resident Director of Academics)/3 cr.


Summer Program: May 27-August 11, 2017

As a participant in the summer program, you have the flexibility to design your own experience. The summer 2017 program will offer three 3-week modules. (Note: summer 2018 and beyond will offer two 4-week modules during the summer). You enroll in one 3-4 credit course/module. You can choose to participate in a single module, or multiple modules during the course of the summer.

The summer program fee is dependent on the number of modules you enroll in.

  • One module: $2,150
  • Two modules: $3,500
  • Three modules: $4,750

Module 1: (May 27-June 16, 2017)

BUSN 177     Hospitality Management/Kay Biga/UW-Superior/3 cr.

BIOL 104      Survey of General Biology (through Aquaponics) Barbara Evans/LSSU

EDUC250     Education in a Pluralistic Society/Tammy Ladwig/UW-Fox Valley/3 cr

Module 2: (June 24 – July 14, 2017)

INTB 277      International Business/Kay Biga/UW-Superior/3 cr.

NSCI 103       Environmental Science/Barbara Evans/LSSU/3 cr.

SGDE 100     Race, Class and News/Sandy Ellis/UW-River Falls/3 cr

Module 3: (July 22  -August 11, 2017 )

BUSN 277     Business Law/Kay Biga/UW-Superior/3 cr.

MUSC 277    Survey of American Jazz/Sharri VanAlstine/UW-Whitewater/3 cr.

JOUR 277    Blogging Scotland/Sandy Ellis/UW-River Falls/3 cr.

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Costa Rica

BIOL 300 Special Topics - Tropical Ecology and Conservation - 4 credits

Spring Semester-January 9-April 28, 2017

PLUS 11-day lab in Costa Rica, May 1-11, 2017 Program Costs:

Course includes 4 credits @ $451.00 per credit PLUS $2,650 special course fee

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