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On-Campus Residency Guidelines

If you are a full-time student within 27 calendar months of the date of your high school graduation, you are required to live on campus for your first two years. For these purposes, “full-time” means enrolled for 12 or more credit hours, and all graduation dates will be assumed to be June 1 of any given year.

The following are exceptions to this policy

  • if you live with your parents within a 60-mile or three-county (Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac) radius of the campus;
  • if residence hall space is filled; or,
  • if you have an unusual financial or health problem and are excused from living on campus by the Director of Housing and Residential Life

To claim any of these exemptions, you need to:

  • get an exemption application from the Campus Life and Housing Office;
  • receive permission from the Associate Director of Campus Life and Housing.

The University also recognizes the occasional need for other exceptions to its residency requirements. Requests for these exceptions will be considered by the Associate Director of Campus Life and Housing.