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Living AreasResidence Hall Policies

Residency Assignments

  1. Brady Hall (two- and four-person rooms) — Men out of high school less than 15 months. Upper class men may apply,but preference will be given to freshmen. No alcohol or smoking permitted in this hall.
  2. Osborn Hall (two-person rooms) — Women out of high school less than 15 months. Upper class women may apply,but preference will be given to freshmen. No alcohol or smoking permitted in this hall.
  3. Student Village (units for eight people) — Men and women out of high school more than 15 months. Preference will be given to sophomores. No alcohol or smoking permitted in the units.
  4. Townhouses (units for six people) — Men and women out of high school more than 27 months will be given preference. Smoking not permitted.
  5. Row Houses — Ontario Hall, Laker Hall, Chippewa House, Huron Hall, Erie Hall (two- to four-person rooms) — Lake Superior State University offers a variety of residential living-learning communities that allow students with similar academic interests or career goals to live and study together in community.
  6. Student Apartments — Neveu, and Moloney (One-, two- and three-bedroom apartments) — men and women out of high school more than 27 months. Older residents will have priority. Additional charge for one bedroom apartments. Smoking not permitted.

Damage Deposit

A deposit of $150 is required prior to check-in and is refunded after leaving the residence hall system, providing the unit is left damage free.

Private Room Option

Private rooms or apartments may be available on a limited basis at an additional charge.

Meal Plan

Selected on the Residence Hall Contract (RHC) which will be mailed after receipt of this application and the first room and board payment. If the RHC is not returned, or meal plan is not selected before statements are processed, the Platinum Plan will be selected. Meal plan changes may be made once during each semester.

Room Sign-Up

Each spring you will be given the opportunity to sign up at a pre-announced time and place for your desired housing assignment for the next year. You need to be eligible to live in the housing unit for which you sign up. There are two ways that you can lose this assignment: 1) by not turning in a housing application to HRL before the halls close in May and 2) by not making your first room and board payment by the specified date. However, due to the fact that HRL must sometimes make some necessary changes, room assignments are not guaranteed.

Room Change Policy and Protocol

Housing and Residential Life (HRL) believes that part of the college experience includes living in a community with people of various backgrounds and interests. Our goal is that all students will learn and grow from the experience of living with people different from themselves. HRL requests that all residents give their roommate assignments a chance and to please follow the protocol below when dealing with roommate challenges and concerns and to keep in mind that a roommate change should not be the first consideration when issues arise.


  • Discuss/communicate in a calm matter what your concern is with your roommate(s)
  • Revisit your roommate agreement with your roommate(s)
  • Contact your Resident Advisor or Community Advisor for advice or assistance or to even sit in on a meeting or mediation
  • Contact your Area Coordinator for further assistance and to discuss further action
  • If no progress is made through the above protocol, please visit your Area Coordinator or HRL for a ROOM CHANGE application form.

If you have any further questions please contact Housing and Residential Life at x2411.

There are two periods of time during which you can request to change your room assignment. Room changes will be considered during the third and fourth weeks of the semester and again the week before halls close for fall semester.

Room changes will only be considered at other times in the semester for extraordinary reasons. We need to know where all resident students are living at all times, so no moves are to be made until HRL has approved the room change.

If you want to change your room, you need to follow these procedures:

  1. Obtain a Room Change Request Form from HRL
  2. Complete the form with the required information
  3. Obtain the necessary signatures on the form
  4. Return the completed form to HRL for approval
  5. If approved, you will be given Room Condition Sheets for both your old and new rooms. You then need to officially check out of your old room and check into your new room with the help of your RA/CA. (Remember to take your mattress cover with you.)
  6. Return the new Room Condition Sheet to HRL within three (3) business days after you receive approval to move. You will then be issued a key.

Room Check-In and Check-Out Procedure


You can begin the check-in procedure by picking up your check-in packet at the designated check-in site. When you get to your room, you’ll find a mattress pad on your bed. You need to return this pad to HRL when you leave the residence halls. If you change rooms at any time, take the pad with you.

As part of check-in, each room will have a Room Condition Sheet. You should check this form over very carefully before you sign it. It is your responsibility to record damages the HRL staff may have missed. These sheets record the exact condition of the room when you move in. You will only be held responsible for any damages that occur to the room after you move into it. At the beginning of the semester, the RA/CA will return the sheet to HRL. It is your responsibility to have your room condition sheets returned to your RA/CA within the first week of school. At any other time during the semester, it is your responsibility to return your room condition sheets to HRL. The information on the sheet must be confirmed by your RA/CA with his/her signature or initials.


It is very important that you complete the check out procedure below when you are leaving the residence halls. If you do not, Housing and Residential Life cannot refund your damage deposit or any prorated room and board, and you will continue to be charged room and board until your check out is completed. Students will be charged $25 for improper check out.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to check out.

  1. Fill out an Intent to Leave Form in HRL. If you are moving off campus, be sure the form is received by HRL at least two charge or service weeks before your departure date to reduce your early termination fee to $250.
  2. Be sure to schedule your room check out with your RA or CA in advance of your leaving.
  3. Take all of your personal belongings out of the room. Anything that you leave in the room after your official date of occupancy will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of.
  4. If you or a roommate are taking responsibility for a damage, the individual whom caused the damage must fill out the Damage Responsibility Form with roommates, noting any changes to the information. Be sure to leave the room in good condition. Have the RA or CA sign the Damage Responsibility Form.
  5. Take your completed Room Condition / Inventory Sheets, mattress cover and room keys to HRL.
  6. Give your forwarding address to HRL so that it can forward your mail, and let the Registrar’s Office know of any address changes.
  7. If you are withdrawing from the University, complete all necessary procedures before your departure at the Registrar’s Office.

If you are leaving at the end of the academic year, you only need to complete steps 1-6.

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