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Living Areas: Row Houses

Living Areas


Originally built as officers' quarters for Fort Brady, these stately homes are now used for a variety of purposes. The buildings include Ontario, Erie, Chippewa, Laker, Ryan, and Easterday House, which are housing for students. Some of the Row Houses occupants include students from the LSSU honors college and campus Greek organizations.

Hall Mailing Address

Student's Name
Building and Room # ______
680 W. Easterday Avenue
Sault Ste Marie MI 49783


Outside View

Floor Plan

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Typical Room

Each Row House is unique, but the majority of the bedrooms are designed for two individuals, with a few single person bedrooms. Each Row House has a kitchen, bathroom and living area.


  • 24-hour visitation is permitted among residents within their own Row House.
  • 24-hour visitation is permitted among nonresident guests within a limited length of stay.


The Row are staffed by one Community Advisor (CA). The staff's main goals are to provide the residents with valuable information, create a positive community through educational programming, maintain a safe and high-quality living environment and serve as a resource whenever a student has a question or concern. The Area Coordinator (AC) office is located in Brady Hall 126.