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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1997-07-28
College of Natural and Health Sciences
Title: Science Laboratory Technician
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative direction from the Dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences. Responsible for preparing, setting up, and disassembling instructional laboratories; maintaining and making minor repairs to equipment; organizing stock rooms. Insures the proper disposal of hazardous waste materials and maintains the greenhouse.
Duties and Responsibilities
Receives, stocks, and inventories laboratory equipment and supplies. Inspects equipment and supplies, returning and/or salvaging damaged or incorrectly shipped materials. Records and stores equipment and supplies in logical order with the storeroom facilities.

Periodically conducts physical inventory of equipment and supplies.

Supervises the distribution of equipment and supplies including chemical preparations to faculty and students as required.

Supervises student employees in preparation, inspection and recording of all equipment/supplies distributed.

Sets up equipment and supplies in instructional areas. Cleans and maintains equipment.

Prepares bid orders for chemicals, supplies and equipment. Insures the proper storage and disposal of hazardous waste materials according to OSHA standards.

Assumes responsibility for safe operation of the storerooms, individuals working in and using storerooms, and the safe storage and use of chemicals under OSHA standards, including duties of the Safety Officer for the Sciences.
Bachelor's degree in science or equivalent work experience with an emphasis on laboratory techniques and equipment along with computer skills that include word processing and spread sheets. Should have at least one year as a chemistry laboratory technician; ability to perform all assigned responsibilities in an independent manner; knowledge of storeroom procedures and practices; ability to keep and maintain routine records and to make reports from such records (computerization of inventory); ability to communicate effectively and to maintain positive interpersonal relations.
Physical and Mental Demands
Must be able to lift 50 pounds on a periodic basis. Adequate health and fitness to maintain long hours and busy schedule. Use of gross motor skills to perform supervisory and organizational duties; use of fine motor skills in operation of computer; ability to hear, see and speak clearly, with or without aids; ability to work with numbers.
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