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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2003-10-30
College of Arts and Sciences
Title: Groundwater Stewardship Technician
Function and Responsibility
Work with agricultural producers and homeowners in Chippewa, Luce and Mackinac Counties to promote groundwater protection. Position reports to an oversight team which includes local conservation districts, MSU-Extension, Michigan Department of Agriculture and LSSU, and funded by an annual grant from the Michigan Department of Agriculture to Lake Superior State University.
Duties and Responsibilities
Promote Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program; assist landowners with farmstead assessments and in implementation of groundwater protection practices.

Maintain records; work with participating agencies; submit reports; and attend various trainings.
A degree in an agricultural or natural resource management field. Excellent verbal and written communications skills to work with local farmers and other stakeholders on issues of groundwater protection. Reliable transportation and ability to work independently with flexible work hours. Experience in public outreach and familiarity with issues involving groundwater protection in EUP preferred.
Physical and Mental Demands
Must be able to lift 50 pounds on a periodic basis. Adequate health and fitness to maintain long hours and busy schedule. Use of gross motor skills to perform supervisory and organizational duties; use of fine motor skills in operation of computer; ability to hear, see and speak clearly, with or without aids; ability to work with numbers.
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