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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2004-09-29
Academic Services
Title: Director of Learning Center
Function and Responsibility
Reports to the Dean of Academic Services to manage the operation of the Learning Center
Duties and Responsibilities
Coordinate, implement, and maintain all Learning Center activities including program development, provision of services, and personnel management (hiring, training, supervision of staff).

Oversee activities in the areas of: tutoring; supplemental instruction; on-line learning assistance; tutor certification; success seminars; the reading, writing and math labs; PLATO support; and similar initiatives.

Create and provide new instructional support approaches to enhance student success through programming available from the Learning Center. Work closely with faculty to develop those programs.

Provide ongoing assessment of Learning Center programs, track current needs, and make necessary adjustments to ensure quality and effectiveness. Prepare annual reports tracking usage rates and student success rates.

Promote Learning Center services and activities to all students, faculty and staff.

Develop and maintain communications and productive working relationships with appropriate university offices and academic departments to provide for the information flow necessary to effectively carry out Learning Center activities. (i.e. admissions, registrar, institutional research, academic chairs, student life, etc.)

Provide assistance with USP and Liberal Arts advising.

Keep abreast of current trends and practices for Learning Centers.

Serve on appropriate university committees.

Perform other duties as assigned.
Bachelor’s degree in appropriate area, master’s degree preferred. Training and experience in working with developmental programs and learning assistance programs for all students—especially at-risk student populations required. Experience in higher education preferred.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate physical fitness to be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time; use of gross motor skills to perform supervisory and organizational duties; be able to effectively utilize standard university computer programs and network resources; problem solving ability; ability to manage and lead effectively with minimal supervision; ability to understand and work with numbers; ability to see, hear, and speak with or without the use of aids to perform normal office tasks.
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