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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2005-07-01
LSSU Foundation
Title: Director of Constituent Relations
Function and Responsibility
To provide direction to the Foundation in the areas of scholarships, design and implementation of special events, stewardship and donor relations and recognition, tracks and transfers Foundation funds, and serves as corporate secretary of the LSSU Board of Directors. This position reports to the executive director of the Foundation.
Duties and Responsibilities
Manages, plans and implements all levels of donor stewardship and relations with the various Foundation and Lake Superior State University constituents and prospects.

Manages, plans and implements a coordinated approach for all donor recognition for Foundation and University recognition, plaques and awards on campus. Maintains a detailed inventory of all campus wide donor recognition and plaques in the buildings of the University. Insures that inventory of campus wide donor recognition is current. With the appropriate director or staff, develops plans for the recognition of donors through various gift clubs and societies. Maintains an inventory of the supply of Foundation’s gifts and recognitions.

Manages, plans, makes arrangements, monitors and implements all special events of any kind for the Foundation. Works with the LSSU Alumni Association and Lake Superior State University as directed on approved special events. Activities include President’s Annual Dinner, the Scholarship Donor Recognition Dinner, various Foundation sponsored golf tournaments, scholarship presidential signings, building dedications, receptions and others as they develop, excluding the seeking of sponsorships for these events.

With the executive director, creates and implements a plan for the solicitation of scholarships. Coordinates all scholarship activity including publications, news releases, recognition, creation of scholarship criteria, facilitates the closing of scholarship gifts and tracks scholarship donor recognition. Tracks and reports all scholarship activity. Facilitates the communication, recognition and stewardship of all non-University and non-Foundation scholarships from private individuals, organizations, or corporations.

Functions as the corporate secretary of the Foundation including all meeting arrangements, publication of all board reports and activity, creates and verifies the board meeting calendar, aids in the creation of meeting agendas, sees to the continual communication with the board and its committees to aid the board in accomplishing its fiduciary responsibility. Will make periodic reports on activity to the executive director and the board.

Creates and implements plans for the marketing and securing of memorial gifts including working with families, friends, funeral professional, and others.

Creates and monitors all transfers of gifts between the Foundation and the University and interfund transfers within the Foundation accounts working with the executive director. Responsible for Foundation accounts payable. Works with beneficiaries in reporting account balances and use of funds. Monitors and directs all gift processing, receipt production, and acknowledgement letters, especially coordinating letters to donors from the President.

Works with other foundation directors to initiate, mediate or close gifts to the Foundation.

Maintains open communication with the LSSU Alumni Association and its board.

Completes other assigned duties as designated by the executive director.

Bachelor’s degree and at least three years working experience in a fundraising operation.

At all times must represent the Foundation and University in a positive way including a pleasant and direct phone presence.

Must possess and demonstrate superior oral and written skills with an ability to persuade; computer literacy; exceptional ability to talk with a variety of University alumni, donors, and friends to solicit gifts; ability to excite, lead and self-start. Will require occasional evening and weekend work as needed to fulfill responsibilities.
Physical and Mental Demands
Ability to use office equipment particularly telephones, computers and copiers. Use of gross motor skills to perform supervisory and organizational duties; use of fine motor skills in the operation of keyboard equipment to produce contracts, gift agreements, promotional materials, budgets and reports; ability to hear, see and speak clearly, with or without aids, problem solving ability; ability to understand and work with numbers.
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