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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1995-02-27
School of Sciences & Natural Resources
Title: Aquatic Lab Manager
Function and Responsibility
Under supervision of the Dean of the School of Sciences and Natural Resources, or Coordinator of Aquatics Lab activities, to manage and maintain the fisheries research laboratory.
Duties and Responsibilities
Maintain, or arrange for maintenance from LSSU physical plant or outside sources, all equipment and fish rearing apparatus. Maintain boat, motor, and boat trailer. Order and keep in stock necessary supplies.

Monitor all lab research activities for proper equipment functioning and maintenance of experimental conditions. For sea lamprey work, manager must work with Lockmaster, make arrangements for boat docking, and work with Canadian Sea lamprey personnel.

Assist in set-ups and maintenance of experiments and equipment used in experiments by the Canadian Forest Pest Management Institute.
Compute feed needs and order feeds through DNR or from other sources and arrange pick-up of feeds.
Compute daily ration for each raceway or tank and feed proper amounts daily.

Procure eggs and arrange shipment and pick-up, if necessary. Disinfect all eggs on arrival. Census eggs and track and treat mortalities. Monitor all hatchery fish for stress and disease. Send sick fish to state fish pathologist when necessary.

Supervise cleaning and disinfection of all rearing containers and equipment. Set and monitor flow rates and rearing densities to containers.

Keep biweekly summaries of growth, feed conversions, rearing densities, and all other pertinent measurements for good hatchery management. Keep detailed records of all fish netted in fall. Keep detailed records of all Atlantic salmon caught by anglers, and all tag returns from Atlantic Salmon.

Net behind Aquatic Lab each fall to a) procure eggs; b) monitor sizes and condition of Atlantic salmon; c) monitor lamprey scarring and fin clips or marks on all salmon and trout netted; and d) collect kidney samples (when requested) for BKD analysis by state fish pathologist. Contact all necessary law enforcement officials before netting. Maintain good public relations throughout netting process.

Use proper chemical dosages to control and prevent diseases.

Supervise all tagging and fin clipping. Tagging duties include loan and maintenance of DNR tagging equipment. Provide for record keeping, storage, and pick-up of M-DNR-tagged fish that are dropped off at the LSSU lab.

Assist lab director in data compilation and analysis for annual fish rearing report and provide detailed report from fall netting.

Maintain frequent contact with M-DNR biologists on all cooperative projects with M-DNR.
Supervise all student workers, interns, and senior research projects.

Assist with field trips and labs in the Natural Resources Technology curriculum, and other courses, if prior arrangements have been made.

Help local anglers with fish identification, and give information to local anglers and tourists. Conduct or make arrangements to provide tours.

Work with lab director in fundraising activities.

Other duties as assigned.
An associate degree plus six years of experience OR a bachelor's degree in fisheries and wildlife with some experience required. Familiarity with word processing, spreadsheet, and database computer software. Ability to work with local, regional, and national media, and sportsmen's groups.
Physical and Mental Demands
Must be able to lift 50 pounds on a periodic basis. Adequate health and fitness to maintain long hours and busy schedule and to travel, as required. Use of gross motor skills to perform supervisory and organizational duties; use of fine motor skills in operation of computer; ability to hear, see and speak clearly, with or without aids, to represent the University in public appearances, promotional and recruiting activities; full use of hands, arms, feet and legs to perform direct supervisory, recruitment and promotional activities; ability to work with numbers.
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