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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2006-07-01
Title: Athletic Trainer
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative direction of the Director of Athletics, to be responsible for coordinating and delivering athletic training services to participants of the intercollegiate athletic department.
Duties and Responsibilities
Coordinate physical exams, evaluate and treat injuries at practices and games; design rehabilitation programs, pre-practice/game preparation of athletic teams and develop/revise emergency care procedures.

Perform duties in cooperation with the University’s team physician; maintain and prepare injury/treatment reports; prepare insurance claims and serve as an Approved Clinical Instructor for students enrolled in the Athletic Training Education Program.

Will be responsible for athletic training duties including preparation for daily practices, recognition, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. Responsible for all medical equipment and be available to travel with intercollegiate athletic teams for all games. Assigned to the Division II Softball and Tennis teams as full-time ATC in the spring, once Hockey season is finished. Work with Softball/Tennis in the fall during the non-traditional season and work with student trainers and other certified ATCs on staff to assure that all teams have adequate training coverage during times when more than one sport is active.

Perform related duties as assigned.
Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. Must be NATABOC Certified for at least 3 years and a member of good standing of the NATA. Must have at least 3 years of hockey experience with a knowledge of equipment management. Must have at least 1 year experience with computer based injury tracking program.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate health and fitness to maintain long hours and busy schedule, and to travel with teams, as required. Use of gross motor skills to perform organizational duties; use of fine motor skills in operation of keyboard equipment to produce contracts, schedules, promotional materials, budgets and reports; ability to hear, see and speak clearly, with or without aids, to represent the University in public appearances, promotional and recruiting activities.
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