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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2007-09-25
PSA Operations
Title: LSSU Public School Academy Liaison
Function and Responsibility
The LSSU Public School Liaison, under the direction of the Director of PSA Operations, will interface with LSSU Public School Academies and Lake Superior State University to improve and facilitate university and academy educational partnerships.
Duties and Responsibilities
Interface with appropriate Public School Academy staff and LSSU staff to facilitate an increase in the number of PSA graduates attending Lake Superior State University.

Work with appropriate LSSU staff and PSA staff to explore and possibly implement a Charter School Day (at LSSU) for the LSSU academies.

Explore the possibilities of creating a PSA student data base to be used by the LSSU admissions staff to track & encourage PSA graduates to attend LSSU.

Oversee all aspects of the LSSU Public School Academy adjunct professor and dual enrollment programs.

Interface with appropriate LSSU staff and Public School Academy staff to increase PSA student participation in the LSSU summer camps

Visit each academy a minimum of two times per year and file a report with the PSA Director of Operations following each visit.

Serve as a member of the LSSU Charter School Renewal team.

Assist LSSU staff with student teacher placement.

Assist and encourage LSSU staff to provide staff development to the LSSU Public School Academies. When requested by the PSA or Director of PSA Operations, identify LSSU staff who may address a specific PSA academic need.

Assist Director of PSA Operations in all university Public School Academy related activities and educational endeavors.

Other duties as assigned by the Director of PSA Operations
Masters degree with a minimum of 5 years experience at the University level.

Physical and Mental Demands
Use of gross motor skills to perform organizational duties, use of fine motor skills in operation of computer equipment, problem solving ability, ability to understand and work with numbers, ability to see, hear, and speak with or without the use of aids to perform normal office tasks, mental capacity to assist with numerous administrative responsibilities.

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