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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1998-01-12
Executive Vice President and Provost
Title: Assistant to the Provost for Academic Records
Function and Responsibility
Under the direct supervision of the Executive Vice President and Provost is responsible for the applications of the university’s automated system for student records.
Duties and Responsibilities
Perform data entry and provide applications level support. Maintain database for the implementation of the “on-course” program.

Perform initial data entry and on-going maintenance of the database for automated articulation of transfer students from partner community colleges.

Evaluate alternatives and develop procedures for electronic receipt, and evaluation of transcripts for transfer students.

Compile, organize and update the academic information contained in the University catalog.

Periodically assist in the continued amalgamation of the admissions, student records, financial aid and cashier’s offices into an integrated “one-stop” student services center.
Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience with and proven aptitude for personal and mainframe computer-based word processing and complex database software systems required. Ability to learn and apply new technology.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate physical fitness to be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time; use of fine motor skills to operate computer; problem solving ability; ability to understand and work with numbers; ability to see, hear, and speak with or without the use of aids to perform normal office tasks.
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