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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2008-12-12
Title: Regional Center Director
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative direction of the Provost/VPAA, this individual oversees all LSSU programs in the assigned region and serves as a liaison between LSSU and the community college. Responsible for marketing the programs, student retention, and, in coordination with the University’s academic leadership, assuring that programs of demonstrably high quality are delivered in these settings. Works cooperatively with other Regional Center Directors to assure that combined offerings (e.g., through distance learning and video conference technologies) are offered whenever feasible.
Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for marketing the LSSU Regional Center programs in the assigned region.

Recruits students for enrollment in regional center programs, plans and implements regional center marketing strategy in cooperation with institutional marketing. Maintains prospective students in the University database.

Manages the budget for Regional Center to assure that the programs are strong net positive contributors to the institution’s budget. Assures that budgetary allocations are not exceeded and that revenue targets are met.

Coordinates the delivery of academic and other programs in close coordination with the academic leadership. Responsible for working with academic units to assure that appropriate outcome measures are used and that the results of these measures are incorporated into Regional Center planning.

Assists Admissions Office by enhancing and supporting recruiting efforts regionally both for Regional Center also for referring students to the main campus and to on-line program offerings. Assists in this process by visits to high schools, college fairs, assisting Admissions as needed by with follow-up telephone calls to prospective students, and cooperating with direct mail campaigns and providing back-up coverage as needed.

Identifies new opportunities for academic programs by conducting formal needs assessments and providing systematic feedback and recommendations to the institution on programmatic needs and opportunities. Assesses with LSSU's academic units, other regional institutions, organizations, agencies, and student populations, the program needs of the region and recommends and helps to implement new programs for the Regional Centers. Expands LSSU's contributions in credit and non-credit training for business and industry through partner community colleges and university centers and in the region as resources allow.

Explores and expands where feasible, cooperative degree programming with regional community colleges, working with the Provost/VPAA to assure that appropriate articulation agreements are in place. Assists with Admissions, alumni planning and development activities in the region and maintains a close liaison with University units providing student and academic services to assist in fulfilling responsibilities to regional students.

Represents LSSU at Regional Center related functions, (meetings, graduation receptions, information nights, etc.). Visits main campus on a regular basis to attend staff meetings or other functions.

Working closely with academic departments and Provost/VPAA, develops semester schedule of course offerings. Reserve classrooms; update rotation schedules and articulation guides.

Provides academic advising and scheduling assistance to students.

Works closely with the Provost/VPAA and academic units, recruits, recommends, and facilitates the hiring of qualified adjunct faculty who meet the University’s hiring qualifications. Assists in the training of faculty in the use of ITV at the regional site. Assists LSSU faculty assigned to teach at the regional site.

Tracks and reports on Regional Center enrollment trends, both past and present. Assists with analysis of data to develop market trends, promotions, etc.

Supervises any support staff or student workers assigned to regional site, if applicable.

Working knowledge of MS Office Suite and Publisher in order to maintain program forms, articulations, and marketing materials specific to the site.
Bachelor's degree, or significant work experience in Regional Center Operations, with excellent written and oral communication skills required; Master’s degree in relevant area preferred. Requires excellent marketing and promotional skills to attract new and retain current students to the Regional Centers. Requires excellent coordination and organizational skills with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy to work effectively across organizational structures. Experience in an institution of higher education preferred, with proven ability to work effectively with faculty and staff at all levels of the University as well as with traditional and non-traditional students.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate health and fitness to maintain long hours and busy schedule, and to travel long distances, including night driving and in adverse weather conditions, as required. Must have and maintain current Michigan driver’s license. Use of gross motor skills to perform organizational duties; use of fine motor skills in operation of keyboard equipment; ability to hear, see and speak clearly, with or without aids, to effectively represent the University in public appearances, promotional and recruiting activities. Must be able to lift and carry up to 45 pounds (weight of case of marketing materials)
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