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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2009-01-23
Campus Life
Title: Director of Campus Life and Housing
Function and Responsibility
The Director of Campus Life and Housing provides leadership for a dynamic program that supports the intellectual, personal, and social development of students living in residence halls, apartments, and houses as well as an emerging campus wide student leadership and involvement program which includes volunteer and service learning activities.

The director works reports to and works closely with the Vice President for Student Affairs. The director is expected to work with other University officers to bring a vision of a vibrant residential living and campus life environment to fruition. Establishing effective working relationships with all other campus areas to create and sustain a dynamic program that has a positive impact on retention and student involvement is an essential focus of this position.

The director is responsible for operational and functional aspects of the residential facilities to ensure a comfortable and safe environment in which to live and learn.

The Director of Campus Life and Housing will work with the Vice President to oversee the Dining Services/Cisler Center management team.

This is a full-time, 12 month, live-in residential/campus life position.
Duties and Responsibilities
Assist in creating, implementing and refining the unit philosophy and management culture, goals and objectives. Supervise and direct the activities of the Associate Director for Campus Life and Housing based upon the University and unit mission, goals and objections. Supervise the housing Area Coordinators

Manage and promote collaboration between a comprehensive Residence Life program, housing program, campus clubs and activities, student leadership and involvement, faculty involvement, Greek affairs, outdoor programming and intramurals.
Work collaboratively with the Student Affairs staff, faculty, and students to design and implement strategies that better integrate academic programming to enhance the campus culture and educational outcomes of students.
Work with the Associate Director of Campus Life and Housing to recruit, train, supervise and evaluate the residential life student employees.
Provide leadership in developing effective strategies for preventing, responding and managing crisis situations, as well as being on call for emergency and urgent situations.
Continually evaluate, define and refine policies and procedures relating to housing, residence life and student activities, involvement and leadership.
Function as a daily resource, problem solver, as well as an information and resource broker to the general University population.
Participate in the Vice President’s staff meetings, housing meetings, retention meetings, and other key University-wide committees.
Track, investigate and work to resolve issues within the housing and campus life unit.

Work with other campus life staff to provide quality customer-oriented services within the unit culture and philosophy. Develop and implement a unit assessment plan.
Assist in judiciary and disciplinary matters and track policy violations including filing appropriate paperwork. Assist in the selection and training of student judicial board members. Act as a judicial advisor in proceedings as assigned.
Prepare, analyze, and propose all budgets in the Campus Life and Housing areas.
Perform related duties as assigned.
Manage the residential facility system including:
Provide the services and programs traditionally associated with the management of a residential facilities system.
Coordinate and manage break and summer housing processes early arrivals, opening and closing of residence halls. Assist in the coordination and planning of summer conferences and camps.
Assure compliance with State and Federal codes and regulations in cooperation with Physical Plant and Office of Public Safety. Provide leadership in developing effective strategies for preventing, responding and managing crisis situations, as well as being on call for emergency and urgent situations.

Prepare, analyze, and propose budgets for all aspects of the residential life and housing operations

Maintain, inventory and oversee development of refurbishment plan for all residential facilities. Produce timely requisitions for procurement of furnishings, and equipment. Coordinate on campus services (IT, laundry equipment, etc.), and off-campus vendors (cable TV, linen).

Track, investigate and work to resolve issues with housing facilities, administration, website, procedures, etc. Perform regular walk-a-rounds and inspections of Housing facilities. Work with the Physical Plant to coordinate and direct maintenance and custodial requirements.

Initiate and provide vision of the future of all housing facilities through research, site visits and preparation.

Collaborate with residence life staff to coordinate student moves, update and maintain floor plans, prepare and maintain occupancy data for residential facilities
Serve on following committees: StART (Student Assistance Response Team) and Safety.
Assist in preparation and coordination all housing-related informational mailings
Assist in the coordination of damage assessment and process billing
Coordinate special need housing assignments in collaboration with Director of Disability Services

Oversee the development and maintenance of department manuals; provide oversight to select department publications and design marketing materials that promote a positive image of residential communities
Assist in Resident and Community Advisor recruitment, selection and training.
Participate in the training and development of all department staff.

Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate physical fitness to be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time; use of fine motor skills to operate computer; ability to see, hear, and speak with or without the use of aids to perform normal office tasks; use of gross motor skills to perform supervisory and organizational duties; full use of arms, hands, legs and feet to allow completion of housing inspections on a timely basis.
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