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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2010-08-31
Physical Plant
Title: Student Activities Center Building Attendant
Function and Responsibility
Performing routine cleaning functions in the Student Activities Center and other assigned areas. Position reports to the Manager of Grounds and the Norris Center.
Duties and Responsibilities
Perform cleaning functions in assigned areas following established schedules and using prescribed methods; occasionally assist with the stripping and buffing of floors and shampooing carpets.

Observe and report the need for repairs and replacements to equipment, furniture, building and fixtures.

Operate vacuum machines and clean carpets, arrange and move furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Sweep and/or remove snow from steps and walks and building entrances and connecting walks; lock and unlock buildings and rooms; ensure windows are closed and lights off.

Maintain assigned equipment for cleanliness and request repairs when needed. Occasionally help to load, unload and move supplies; incidentally perform errands; responsible for cleaning, safety and sanitation in assigned work areas.

Perform related duties as assigned.
Graduation from high school; six months of manual work experience; ability to read and follow written and oral directions; ability to operate cleaning machines; adequate health and physical condition to handle heavy manual tasks.
Physical and Mental Demands
Must have adequate health and physical condition to handle heavy manual tasks, ability to hear the conversational voice, or with a hearing aide as required; ability to speak and to be understood under normal circumstances; full use of arms, hands, legs and feet or sufficient use of all limbs to accomplish assigned tasks; ability to lift and carry items weighing up to 80 lbs and the ability to climb ladders
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