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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2010-05-28
Business Office
Title: Junior Accountant-Accounts Payable
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative supervision of the Director of the Business Office to assist in the operation and administration of the Business Office.

Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for the accounts payable function including coordinating, analyzing, and processing all University payments; ascertain that all University policies and procedures relevant to the accounts payable function are followed; implement changes in the processes related to the accounts payable function to reflect changes in the regulations, policies and procedures of the various Federal, State and other bodies that impact the business operations of the University.

Obtain required W-9 and W8BEN forms, maintain the 1099 screens in the accounting system and prepare, issue, and submit annual 1099 forms. Prepare and submit the annual Michigan Unclaimed Property Report.

Perform the annual year-end roll over function for accounts payable.

Maintain good working relations with vendors and other departments. Participate in student orientation.

As needed, assist with the student account and billing functions including assisting students with payment options, coordinating financial aid availability, answering account questions, performing data entry of student related charges and payments, compiling deregistration lists, and issuing student refunds.

As needed, assist the student loan manager with delinquent loan analysis and follow-up including processing deferments and cancellations.

Coordinate and perform the year-end petty cash audits for the various accounts across campus.

Process high volume of data with a high level of accuracy and maintain confidentiality of sensitive data.

Perform related duties as assigned.
Associate degree and/or bachelor's degree including course work with satisfactory completion of at least 16 accounting or related business credits; at least one year experience working in an office environment using electronic data processing; familiarity with spreadsheet applications preferred; good communication skills required.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate physical fitness to be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time; use of fine motor skills to operate computer; problem solving ability; ability to understand and work with numbers; ability to see, hear and speak with or without use of aids to perform normal office tasks.
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