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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1996-05-03
Title: Athletic Equipment Manager
Function and Responsibility
Under general supervision of the Director of Athletics, request, receive, disburse, maintain, repair, secure, and inventory all athletic equipment and supplies; determine proper selection, fit, care, transportation, maintenance and laundering of equipment and uniforms; to oversee and hire a student staff for managing the Norris Center Equipment Room and student managers for varsity sports.
Duties and Responsibilities
Determine requirements and specifications for all athletic, physical education, recreation and intramural equipment with various coaches, the Director and Associate Director of Athletics and the Department Chair of Physical Education/Recreation and Intramurals.

Prepare requisitions and request purchase orders for new equipment; receive shipments; check against orders; release purchase orders for payment; record and store items in the proper locations.

Maintain up-to-date inventories in all areas; maintain security of all equipment storage areas and make certain all areas are locked; organize and control all equipment and supplies in the various storage areas.

Issue and keep records of equipment and supplies as needed, marking and entering all items on check-out cards; receive and check in equipment after use and store in proper places; issue towels and keep counts; assign lockers and equipment where needed.

Maintain, repair and replace equipment as needed; sharpen and repair skates and restring racquets; keep all equipment and storage areas clean and ready for use; set up laundry schedule and procedures; clean and launder equipment as required; prepare equipment needed for athletic trips and home games.

Primary skate sharpener for the LSSU Hockey Team. Monitor all aspects associated with the transfer of all team equipment. Prepare locker rooms for the assigned LSSU teams (and visiting teams in those sports).

Assist coaches where needed; supervise, train and evaluate all assigned student assistants and team managers; supervise and train for the student manager program in intercollegiate activities; work unusual hours when requested by the Director or Associate Director of Athletics.

Other duties as determined by the Director of Athletics.
Minimum of Associate degree required, with experience in management of equipment facilities preferred. Knowledge of supply and inventory procedures, purchasing, repair and laundering necessary. Ability to work well with and relate to staff and student-workers. Knowledge of skate sharpening.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate health and fitness to maintain a busy schedule and travel with teams, as required. Ability to see, hear and speak clearly, with or without aids. Use of hands, arms, feet, and legs to perform all required functions. Ability to work with numbers to monitor budgets. Ability to occasionally lift up to 30 pounds.
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