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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2010-11-01
Norris Administration
Title: Director of Norris Center Operations
Function and Responsibility
Manage the Norris Center, Taffy Abel Arena, Firearms Range and Student Activity Center.
Duties and Responsibilities
I. Responsibility for the overall scheduling, revenue generation*, and operation of the Norris Center, Taffy Abel Arena, Firearms Range, and Student Activity Center
a. Norris Center
Schedule classrooms, meeting rooms, Cooper Gymnasium, swimming pool, racquetball courts, weight rooms, computer lab with academics and athletics.
Hire and supervise student employees
Schedule rentals
Coordinate maintenance
Market and promote memberships
Recommend membership and rental rates
Determine open public and student only hours

*excluding Lake Superior State University athletic events

b. Firearms Range
Schedule all academic classes and rentals
Coordinate maintenance
Annually recommend rental rates

c. Taffy Abel Arena
Schedule all academic and athletic activities and rentals
Hire and supervise student employees
On behalf of the Foundation, secure signage, provide keys and tickets and review policies when needed with Laker Loft holders
Annually recommend rental rates
Determine open public and student only hours

d. Student Activity Center (S.A.C.)
Schedule all activities and rentals
Hire and supervise student workers
Annually recommend public membership rates and rental rates
Determine open public and student only hours

II. Responsible for management of the pool.
Schedule open pool hours and rentals
Hire and supervise lifeguards and instructors
Coordinate maintenance
Administer the Swim Fitness Program
Schedule dates and times for each program
Schedule lifeguards and instructors for each program
Maintain an enrollment list for each program
Market and promote the program

III. Responsible for establishing and managing the following Norris Administration budgets
a. Norris Administration
Complete payroll for staff and students
Annually recommend rental and membership rates
Order supplies
b. Water Fitness Program
Establish and collect program fees
Complete payroll for student staff
Collect pool rental fees
Order supplies and equipment
Monitor schedule and approve payment of all water testing and licenses
c. Norris Administration Gifts
Establish and collect membership fees
Order supplies and equipment

Responsible for annual rental contracts, monthly billing, collecting required insurance and cash receipts for all areas of the Norris Center Complex.

Coordinate with Norris Center Maintenance Supervisor regarding maintenance and custodial needs in the facilities.

Submit all work orders for the facility and inspect work after completion.

Serve as primary contact with academic, athletic, student and public users for the facility scheduling.

Administer special events in the Norris Center, Taffy Abel Arena, and Student Activity Center with
campus community to include scheduling, parking and working extra hours.

Order, determine locations, and supervise hanging of dashers, wall ads, and banner ads for athletic advertising at the direction of the Athletic Department.

Coordinate with the Recreation Director for the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians schedule times for facility use per the Gem of the North Agreement to include the Norris Center and Taffy Abel Arena.

Continually monitor Norris Center complex facility for cleanliness, safety and maintenance needs to include locker rooms, fire exits, outdoor tennis courts, Cooper Field and all internal areas.

Coordinate parking for all events with the Department of Public Safety.

Assist as needed in the Norris Center Ticket Office.

Perform related duties as assigned.
Bachelor’s degree with business background; experience in scheduling large events; knowledge of scheduling and contracting with entertainment groups; ability to maintain good public relations and excellent supervisory skills. Must possess, or be able to obtain within a reasonable time, certification as Water Safety Instructor Trainer, CPR Instructor Trainer, and Lifeguard Instructor and Trainer, Certified Pool Operator or Aquatic Facility Operator.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate health and fitness to maintain a busy schedule; use of fine motor skills and mental ability to maintain and track a variety of concurrent schedules; ability to see, hear and speak clearly, with or without aids, to maintain contact with the University community and the public and to represent the University in public contracts; ability to oversee and supervise monitors, games, equipment, tickets and other responsibilities, as assigned.
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