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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2011-07-01
Charter Schools
Title: Assistant Director for School Improvement and Compliance
Function and Responsibility
The Assistant Director for School Improvement & Compliance, Charter School Office, under the direction of the Director, is responsible for monitoring student performance at the academies and providing oversight of charter school operations to insure compliance with the contract, law and regulations.
Duties and Responsibilities
Provide direction for research and efforts to improve school performance. Monitor student performance at the academies and analysis of data. Provide or schedule instruction to classroom teachers and educational leaders through academic credit or continuing education units as needed or requested. Work with school improvement teams in the academies.

Monitor all charter school operations, as required of authorizers, with the cooperation of the Director of the CSO and Field Officers, such as PSA/SOE Board governance requirements and facility condition requirements. Verify that all PSA faculty and staff members are certified, highly qualified, and that all criminal and background checks are completed.

Develop a master calendar of reporting requirements for LSSU charter schools, performing necessary activities, including site visitations, to ensure all PSAs are in compliance with all reporting requirements of federal and state agencies and of LSSU. Inform the Director of deadlines and assist with follow-up actions for charter schools not in compliance.

Assist the Director in bringing charter school students to campus and in making contacts with faculty and staff members in activities, such as dual enrollment, summer camps and professional development of faculty members and board members, consistent with academy goals related to college and career readiness of academy students.

Perform other tasks as assigned for continuing improvement of PSAs.
Masters degree; minimum of five years experience in K-12 administration, including experience in supervision of faculty and staff members, curriculum development and assessment; teaching experience at K-12 level; knowledge of Michigan Department of Education operations and Charter School operations and budgets; and excellent communication and interpersonal skills required.

Physical and Mental Demands
Use of gross motor skills to perform organizational duties; use of fine motor skills in operation of computer equipment; problem solving ability; ability to understand and work with numbers; ability to see, hear, and speak with or without the use of aids to perform normal office tasks; mental capacity to assist with numerous administrative responsibilities, ability to travel overnight during difficult driving conditions.
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