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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2011-07-01
Human Resources Office
Title: Risk Manager/Compliance Officer
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative direction and general supervision from the Director of Human Resources is responsible for the insurance risk management program and will serve as general Compliance Officer for the University.
Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for administering the insurance risk management program and claims handling. Represent LSSU on the M.U.S.I.C. Board and be an active participant. Serve on various M.U.S.I.C. and University committees as assigned.

Review all university contracts, monitor activities on campus for safe practices, assist university departments with insurance, risk management and safety issues.

Procure insurance coverage for the university including, but not limited to, property, liability, E&O, Vehicle, workers’ comp and ensure adequate insurance coverage is maintained.

Direct claims administration and maintain records for property and liability insurance, unemployment, and workers’ comp.

Assists with claims for unemployment and workers’ comp appeals and hearings and coordinate the workers’ comp audit.

Administer employee training in areas of safety and compliance. Schedule seminars and coordinate/develop staff development training initiatives.

Serve as the University’s Compliance Officer. Administer compliance programs, including but not limited to, Title IX, ADA, Red Flags, and PCI.

Assist with payroll systems and processes and be responsible for performing all payroll functions in the absence of the payroll coordinator. Manage the position control budget; assist with payroll systems maintenance and conversion.

Perform research projects as directed and other duties as assigned.
Bachelor's degree required in Human Resources, Business, or related field. Must posses a minimum of three years related work experience; knowledge of management principles, experience with insurance purchasing and risk management or similar functions; knowledgeable in payroll functions; skill in dealing with others in person-to-person relationships; tact in dealing with the public; ability to maintain confidentiality; experience with electronic data systems and proficient with Microsoft Office.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate physical fitness to be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time; use of fine motor skills to operate computer equipment; problem solving ability; ability to understand and work with numbers; ability to see, hear, and speak with or without the use of aids to perform normal office tasks.

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