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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2011-07-01
Provost's Office
Title: Associate Provost for Assessment, Education, and Graduate Programs
Function and Responsibility
Responsible to the Provost, to plan, develop, direct and administer all phases and aspects of the University’s assessment program; and oversee the School of Education and Graduate Programs.
Duties and Responsibilities
In consultation with the Provost, is responsible for overseeing all aspects of academic assessment, graduate programs, and education degree offerings at the University in a manner consistent with overall University objectives and University policies.

In consultation with the Provost and in partnership with the institution’s academic staff, assures that university-wide goals for the listed areas of responsibility are met.

Serves on University committees and external boards/committees as directed by the Provost.

Consults with and advises the Provost on affairs relating to assessment, the School of Education, and graduate programs. Submits, monitors, and administers budgets associated with these areas of responsibility.

This individual will develop and manage a comprehensive assessment program to support the university's mission and strategic initiatives regarding the continued enhancement of teaching and learning. The primary area of responsibility is academics, but some coordination of campus wide efforts is required. Most efforts will focus on providing assistance to academic programs with the development of outcomes based assessment plans that will inform and enhance academic decision-making and promote continuous quality improvement. This individual will chair the LSSU Shared Governance Assessment Committee.

Working with the committee, the Associate Provost will ensure that student learning outcomes are appropriately measured and evaluated in the context of a culture of evidence. The Associate Provost further ensures that academic syllabi and other evidence of student learning effectiveness reflect student learning outcomes and academic rigor. Specifically, the individual will;
• Promote continuous improvement of the assessment programs,
• Maintain current knowledge regarding academic assessment expectations of the HLC,
• Lead campus-wide assessment initiatives,
• Move all areas towards outcomes based assessment practices,
• Summarize university assessment efforts,
• Assist academic areas in the development of assessment tools and protocols,
• Assist in the interpretation of assessment data,
• Provide assessment workshops for diverse university populations, and
• Coordinate university wide assessment efforts.

School of Education:
The Associate Provost oversees the School of Education through the Associate Dean of Education to ensure quality program offerings as defined by the Michigan Department of Education. Specifically, the individual will;
• Review and approve reports from the Associate Dean of Education,
• Review and approve corrective action improvement plans, policy changes, Title II reporting documentation,
• Be fully aware of state and national standards regarding the School of Education, work with the Associate Dean of Education to ensure program compliance and accreditation,
• Review and approve scheduling, and the faculty/adjunct/staff hiring and evaluations,
• Review and approve load reports, schedules and institutional reports including assessment,
• Provide periodic evaluation of the Associate Dean for Education, and
• Represent and serve as liaison for the University and School of Education at the state-level meetings and associations, external boards and committees as directed by the Provost.

Graduate Programs:
The Associate Provost will assist in the development of new graduate programs, providing assistance in the areas of assessment and program outcomes. The individual will oversee the program review of graduate programs, working closely with the Dean or Associate Dean of the College/School in which the program exists; making recommendation to the Provost when necessary.

The Associate Provost provides institution-wide leadership in the areas of graduate education and graduate student scholarship, admissions to graduate programs, and the academic quality of graduate programs. Specifically, the individual will;
• Work with faculty to develop, implement, and enforce academic policies governing graduate studies institution wide,
• Work with deans/faculty on a range of curricular development activities that impact both undergraduate and graduate education,
• Assist faculty in developing and implementing new graduate program offerings, and
• Work with the University Assessment Committee to review the effectiveness and academic integrity of existing graduate programs.

Perform related duties as assigned.
Master’s degree, assessment experience, demonstrated ability to analyze and interpret quantitative data; demonstrated commitment to accuracy and presentation quality; experience as a faculty member; experience in assessment or program evaluation in higher education; skill in analysis, development of comprehensive reports and interpretation of complex data; and knowledge of the assessment requirements related to program and university accreditation. The individual will possess an ability to work cooperatively with faculty members across disciplines, special programs, and with the administration; have a thorough understanding about the University’s mission; have skills in exercising initiative, judgment, problem solving and decision-making; have an ability to set priorities and meet deadlines; express self clearly in verbal/written communication; and possess strong leadership skills.

Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate physical fitness to be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time while working on computers to enter data, analyze data, and critically review data reports is necessary. More specifically, the position requires the use of gross motor skills to perform supervisory and organizational duties; use of fine motor skills to operate a computer; social intelligence; problem solving ability; ability to understand and work with numbers; ability to see, hear, and speak with or without the use of aids to perform normal office tasks. The successful candidate will be able to clearly articulate complex thoughts, concepts, and ideas, in English, in both written and oral formats, to individuals, departments, and large groups of people. An ability to move about campus and to occasionally lift 10 pounds is also required.
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