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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2011-03-01
Charter Schools
Title: Supervising Field Officer
Function and Responsibility
Oversee the operations of boards of directors of assigned public school academies. Reports to the Director of the Charter School Office.

Duties and Responsibilities
The supervising field officer will represent the Charter School Office at board meetings at assigned academies; provide guidance and oversight of assigned public school academies; plan and assist with training of PSA Boards and administrators; interview applicants for positions as members of the board of directors; perform all Field Officer duties in compliance with applicable University policies and procedures and state and federal requirements; and other duties as assigned.

Academy Site Visits: Site visits include, but are not limited to, the following activities:
• Discuss ongoing compliance issues with PSA staff and/or PSA Board of Directors.
• Monitor academy compliance with charter contract and requirements relevant to facility, insurance, risk management, curriculum, and student enrollment lotteries.
• Provide advice and support to academy staff, administration, and Board of Directors.
• Provide a report by E-mail or fax within 10 days to the Charter School Office using the format provided by the CSO.
• Immediately report to the Director, and notify the school leader of, any activity that may be illegal or immoral, inappropriate, extremely unusual, or a safety hazard.

Academy Board of Directors: Activities include the following:
• Attend Board of Director meetings as assigned.
• Verify that an annual calendar of meetings and all other meetings are properly posted, that a quorum is in attendance, minutes are written properly, and board meetings meet Michigan legal requirements including the Open Meetings Act.
• Immediately report to the Director any illegal act of the Academy Board of Directors.
• Immediately address (correct) the Academy Board of Directors when any violation (or possible violation) of the Open Meetings Act occurs.
• Provide guidance and support to the academy board during the board meeting.
• Provide a report by E-mail or fax within 10 days to the Charter School Office using the format provided by the CSO.
• Assist in planning and delivery of board training sessions.
• Interview applicants for positions on the board of directors.
• Assist boards, when requested, in their efforts to nominate qualified applicants for positions on boards of directors.

Other Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
Other duties may include participation in review of applications for a charter; mid-contract reviews; contract renewal application reviews, and participation in strategic planning activities. Other duties assigned will vary from year to year depending on the needs of the CSO and the availability of the Field Officer.
Minimum qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership or related field; five years experience in K-12 school administration; excellent interpersonal and leadership skills, good oral and written communication skills, basic familiarity with technology including the ability to use Microsoft Word, good listening and observations skills; ability to travel to multiple locations and attend public school academy board meetings at various times including evenings or weekends.
Preferred qualifications include knowledge of Michigan Charter School Law and Michigan public school legal requirements; familiarity with the Michigan Department of Education criteria for administration and authorization of public school academies; experience and knowledge of academy board governance and the Open Meetings Act; knowledge of school budgets and the school budget process; experience as a K-12 teacher; familiarity with best instructional practices, the Michigan Core Curriculum, and criterion and standardized testing.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate physical fitness to maintain long hours and busy schedule, use of gross motor skills to perform supervisory and organization duties, use of fine motor skills in operation of keyboard equipment, problem-solving ability; ability to understand and work with numbers, ability to see, hear, and speak with or without the use of aids to perform normal office tasks, mental capacity to assist with numerous administrative responsibilities.
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