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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1997-04-28
Title: Buyer
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative supervision from the Purchasing Manager, to purchase supplies, materials, and specialized equipment. Coordinate accurate and timely receipt of commodities and services. Communicate purchasing policies and procedures to vendors and campus personnel. Direct the return, exchange, or replacement of merchandise.
Duties and Responsibilities
Purchase a variety of complex commodities including office and instructional supplies, materials, and equipment for various departments to ensure availability to meet University objectives.

Prepare detailed specifications for bid documents for the purchase of supplies and equipment by researching vendor catalogues, past bids, past orders, and meeting with vendors.

Assist in opening, reading, and recording of sealed bids.

Evaluate bids for prices, terms, and delivery to ensure the efficient selection of vendors and commodities. Arrange for samples or demonstrations of products by vendors.

Follow-up and review outstanding purchase orders. Contact vendors and campus personnel to expedite delivery and completion of orders.

Communicate University procedures and policies to vendors through written correspondence, telephone calls, and consultations. Reconcile adjustments or investigate complaints to maintain working vendor relations.

Communicate purchasing policies and procedures to University departments, providing advisement on new products and supplies. Issue purchase orders to departments for emergency items to ensure availability of required resources to meet University objectives.

Review campus-wide requisitions for accuracy of product descriptions and clarity of specifications to ensure the acquisition of suitable commodities and services which are compatible with existing facilities and equipment.

Approve invoices for payment, resolving any discrepancies in quantity or price, to ensure proper payment for goods and services received. Prepare purchase order supplements for documentation for these transactions.

Direct the return, exchange, or replacement of
merchandise by coordinating responsibilities with Business Operations, Purchasing, campus personnel, and vendors.

Compile and prepare reports as required to summarize purchasing activities for decision making.

Place newspaper ads for Personnel and other University departments. Maintain related records of deadlines and associated costs.
Monitor the work of support personnel to ensure that assignments are completed as directed.

Maintain records of telephone quotations, price lists, and vendor catalogs to ensure the acquisition of low-cost quality goods.

Participate in meetings between suppliers and University staff to determine needed materials. Attend meetings at suppliers\' offices to view product demonstration(s).

Perform other duties as assigned.
Requires Bachelor\'s degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Minimum of 3 years experience in institutional or educational purchasing environment, preferably in higher education. Must have analytical skills necessary to compute or compare discounts, net amounts payable and compile data and perform calculations necessary for the placement of orders. Keyboarding and data entry skills required. Knowledge of On-Line Purchasing Systems an asset. Experience working in a team environment a plus.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate physical fitness to be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time; use of fine motor skills to operate computer; problem solving ability; ability to understand and work with numbers; ability to see, hear, and speak with or without the use of aids to perform normal office tasks.
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