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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1989-05-01
Business Operations
Title: Accountant II
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative supervision of the Director of Business Operations to assist in the operation and administration of the Accounting Office.
Duties and Responsibilities
Oversee and coordinate the assigned accounting activities; ascertain that established policies and procedures of internal controls, and policies and procedures of the Manual for Uniform Financial Reporting for State Colleges and Universities, and, where adapted, the provisions of the AICPA Audit Guide are being followed; place into operation approved new or revised accounting procedures.

Prepare various financial and statistical reports as needed, including monthly budget accounting reports and annual financial reports; analyze and reconcile accounts; coordinate the input of data into the computerized accounting system; and coordinate activities with various staff members who are authorized to administer funds for their department or activity; execute computer programs on the main computer and personal computers to process accounting data and generate various ledger records and management reports; and coordinate use of the computer and required support from the Information Services Staff. Prepare schedules for the annual audit; assign cost classifications to expenditures; give direction to and assist other Accounting Office staff in problem solving; coordinate records retention for the Accounting Office.

Understand the operation of all accounting and payroll computer systems and be able to operate or supervise operation of them in the absence of staff regularly assigned to those responsibilities.

Review and approve bills; prepare journal vouchers to allocate expenses and revenues; review all journal vouchers prepared by other staff members; periodically review cash transactions; answer questions and assist students, other University personnel and third parties with problems.

Perform related duties as assigned.
Bachelor’s degree with major in accounting; knowledge of governmental fund accounting; three to five years of experience in accounting work included electronic data processing.
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