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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1994-07-01
Title: Director of Intramural Athletics/Tennis Coach
Function and Responsibility
Under the general supervision of the Vice President for Student Services, Director of Athletics and Associate Director of Athletics to direct, plan and oversee the intramural sports program at Lake Superior State University, and to coach, recruit and promote the operation of the men's and women's tennis teams, and to assist in other athletic programs where feasible, warranted and desirable.
Duties and Responsibilities
Implement and maintain a quality intramural program that serves the students of Lake Superior State University.

Work evenings and weekends where necessary to maintain the intramural program and to assure that those programs are properly instituted, supervised and carried out.

Duties include recruiting students for the intramural sports programs, scheduling, counseling, equipment inventory, office work, budget preparation, working with sports information staff, public relations staff, student services personnel and athletics staff to ensure a quality intramural program with maximum opportunities at minimal expense.

Tennis coaching duties include: implementation of a program that is consistent with institutional, conference and NCAA rules. Responsible for the development of players, team selection for match participation, and travel in compliance with all institutional rules and regulations.

Responsible for notifying the Director or Associate Director of Athletics and the Building Manager in a timely fashion of a practice and match schedule, so that the administration of the facility may be carried out in a proper and orderly fashion. Responsible for recommending to the Director and Associate Director of Athletics a schedule that meets the institutional philosophy and that will be approved by the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee.

Responsible for insuring that academic scheduling meets the needs of the student athletes and that the athletes' scheduling is completed with the approval of appropriate academic counselors/advisors.

Responsible for requesting housing for players
through the Director of Athletics and the Housing Office, so as to insure quality living conditions for the student athletes in compliance with housing regulations. Responsible for travel arrangements and lodging for the teams, in conjunction with the Director of Athletics and the rules and regulations of the institution and the NCAA.

Responsible for advising any booster organizations in compliance with the rules and regulations of the institution and the NCAA.

Responsible for directing any assistant coaches, volunteer or paid, including recommending to the Director and Associate Director of Athletics the hiring, firing and performance evaluations of any assistant coaches and scheduling the travel of any assistant coaches.

Responsible for presenting a budget, and working within the framework of that budget, as approved by the Director of Athletics. Major areas of budgetary control include equipment purchases, to be coordinated with both the Equipment Manager and the Director of Athletics, travel, recruiting, telephone, consultations, guarantees, team costs during vacation periods, and rentals. Other areas include, but are not limited to, postage, printing, public relations, awards, subscriptions, advertising and miscellaneous items. Responsible for working with the Director and Associate Director of Athletics, Sports Information Office and the University's public relations staff to promote the intramural and tennis programs.

The Director of Intramural Athletics/Tennis Coach is expected to follow all rules and regulations of the Athletic Department, to attend all staff meetings, to follow the bylaws of the NCAA. For the purposes of coaching tennis, the incumbent will be tested annually by the NCAA for certification to recruit. Institutional rules and regulations are those described in the University Procedures Manual. Annual Great Lakes Conference coaching meetings are required.
The Director of Intramural Athletics/Tennis Coach will be given first opportunity to administer tennis camps and clinics, and will be expected to plan and carry out such camps during the summer months. Coordinating and planning such camps will be the responsibility of the Director of Intramural Athletics/Tennis Coach in conjunction with the Director of Athletics, the Sports Information Office and the Building Manager.

Any outside activities such as fundraising, capital campaigns, hiring of staff will require consultation with and approval of the Director of Athletics. The Vice President for Student Services retains responsibility where the intramural program is concerned.
Bachelor's degree is required. Experience in college tennis coaching at the assistant or head coach level. Knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations. Experience with administering a collegiate intramural program is required.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate health and fitness to maintain long hours, busy schedule, and travel with teams, as required. Use of gross motor skills for instruction of tennis team; ability to see, hear and speak clearly, with or without aids, to represent the University in public appearances, promotional and recruiting activities; full use of hands, arms, feet and legs to perform coaching and administrative functions; ability to work with numbers to monitor budgets.
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