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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1996-07-25
Title: Sports Information/Marketing Director
Function and Responsibility
Under the general supervision of the Director of Athletics, acts as liaison to and source of information for the interested public; to support the athletic programs by preparing and distributing all promotional materials pertinent to the men's and women's athletic programs to the various news media, national athletic affiliations and conference members; to maintain regular communication with the coaching staff to exchange ideas and facilitate the promotion of the respective programs.
Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for advertising sales for all board ads in ice arena, gymnasium, and program ads for hockey, basketball and volleyball. Seek corporate sponsorships, new revenue opportunities, etc. Includes all advertising buys for athletics.

Responsible for design, writing, editing and dispersion of all LSSU media guides and additional brochures (i.e. booster newsletter, Laker Club brochure, camp brochures). Responsible for the promotion of the athletic programs by means of publications, releases and news media coverage. Coordinate procedures for printed material with the Graphics Department.

Responsible for all athletics news releases, web page and sports hotline. Promote outstanding individual and team performances on local, state and national level; prepare releases on appointments, promotions, and special honors awards to members of coaching staff; release material on individual student athletes to their hometown news media; arrange news media interviews for coaching staff and athletes; arrange and supervise press conferences when necessary; prepare voice reports for local, state and national radio stations upon request.

Prepare and maintain current sports mailing list; keep statistics, individual and team records; file individual and team statistics with appropriate organizations; prepare record files for archives; provide photography coverage to enhance coverage of intercollegiate programs. Update marquees.

Responsible for game management at home athletic events, including set up, greeting and paying officials, organization and presentation.

Provide media coverage for all athletic events; travel with hockey team to most events as directed, and limited travel with division II teams as directed by Director of Athletics; supervise news media facilities for athletic contests; prepare programs for home athletic events; develop brochures, schedule cards, newsletters, calendars, posters and other materials related to the promotion of the athletic programs, including the Joe Louis Arena/OAI Agreement. Responsible for the game management, promotions and any additional duties that might be required at JLA.

Responsible for marketing season tickets. Oversee ticket sales and operations.

Maintain contact and good relations with various public groups, organizations and individuals (i.e. speaking engagements, public relations events); entertain news media and representatives of community groups; prepare, distribute and mail written information regarding athletic programs to all public sectors. Maintain a close working relationship with the Public Relations Office to assure coordination and exchange of information and news releases.

Responsible for the Sports Information, LSSU Sports Sales and Norris Special Events budgets. Supervise Sports Information Intern and student staff.

Coordinate the post-season NCAA management (i.e. travel arrangements, meals, itinerary).

Establish rapport and direct communication with news media, national affiliations and sports information directors from conference and independent colleges and universities; play host to news media and visiting sports information directors, provide information required, and attend to post-game contacts with media.

Prepare hockey program for sale and advertisement; provide press releases for special functions; promote and attend booster club meetings; attend special functions, conference and special meetings related to athletic programs.

Perform related duties as assigned.
Bachelor's degree in communication, journalism or related field; active background in college athletics; knowledge of college athletic department policies and procedures; two to three years experience in sports reporting, typing and statistical procedures; ability to relate to staff, student workers, athletes and the various news media.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate health and fitness to maintain long hours, busy schedule, and travel with teams and to conferences as required. Use of gross motor skills in promotional and record keeping activities; use of fine motor skills in preparation of publications and promotional material and record keeping; ability to see, hear and speak clearly, with or without aids, for reporting, recording and broadcasting games and events; ability to provide media coverage and represent the University in publicity activities.
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