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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1996-09-23
College of Engineering, Mathematics and Business
Title: Electronics/Computer Lab Engineer
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative direction and reporting directly to the Dean of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Business. Responsibilities include installing and maintaining computer hardware and software; trouble-shooting and repairing electrical/electronic/digital control equipment and measurement instruments; installing, maintaining, trouble-shooting, and repairing robotics and automation equipment; understanding and applying both state and national electrical safety codes; managing equipment and supply budget; and having knowledge of PLCs.
Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for all hardware and software in the Engineering Computer Lab, and overall day-to-day operation of the lab. Responsible for computer hardware and software, and computer interfacing in the CASET instructional laboratories; supervise the overall operation and organization of the computer lab; install and maintain all computer hardware, computer software and accessories; maintain stock of computer-related expendable supplies (paper, toner, etc.); supervise daily student use of the Engineering Computer Lab (CASET 310).

Responsible for security, installation, maintenance, and calibration of all computer and electronic instructional equipment and test instruments; establish and maintain a system for the storage and security of all test equipment; establish a maintenance schedule for all existing test and measurement instruments; maintain calibration of all measurement instruments; make recommendations for replacement and upgrading of test and measurement equipment; install and verify the safe operation of all new and donated test equipment.

Responsible for the proper installation and maintenance of the electrical/electronic portion of all instructional equipment; install and maintain the wiring, power connections, and control circuitry of all robots, machines, controls, and other instructional equipment; conduct electrical troubleshooting of equipment when needed; monitor the electrical safety of equipment; coordinate the installation and start-up of purchased and donated equipment.

Responsible for maintaining an adequate stock of electronic/computer parts and supplies; maintain a database and orderly storage of electronic parts and supplies; maintain a system of parts distribution to instructors and students; maintain records and copies of software used in instructional laboratories; process purchase orders, and check-in and stock orders as they arrive.

Responsible for the management and safe operation of the electronic darkroom and circuit fabrication area; maintain safe operation of chemical etch tank, developing station, and other processing stations; maintain safe storage of sensitive circuit board material and artwork supplies; maintain adequate inventory of fabrication materials and ensure proper setup of equipment; establish a procedure for security of hand tools and fabrication tools (circuit board drills, soldering stations, etc.); establish and monitor safety procedures for the fabrication process area.

Responsible for ensuring that all computer and electrical equipment is installed and operated in accordance with recognized safety standards; ensure that installation of all academic computer and electronic equipment, test instruments, robotics, and automation equipment is done in accordance with state and national electrical and safety codes; establish an equipment review process to verify that all electronic equipment is safe to use; establish procedures for the safe storage and use of chemicals and equipment used in the circuit board fabrication area; arrange for safe storage and disposal of all etchant, developer, and other chemicals used in circuit fabrication.

Responsible for work study students in computer/electronics, robotics and automation areas; train and supervise student employees in electronic repair, circuit fabrication, and computer hardware/software maintenance.

Actively participate in professional development activities, which could include workshops, conferences, and on-campus lectures as deemed appropriate by the Dean, in an effort to stay knowledgeable in current technology.

Other duties as assigned.
Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering technology, electronics engineering technology, or related area. Required skills include ability to install and maintain computer hardware and software, ability to trouble shoot and repair electrical/electronic/digital control equipment and measurements instruments, ability to understand and apply both state and national electrical safety codes, managing equipment and supply budgets, and knowledge of programmable logic controllers.
Physical and Mental Demands
Ability to hear the conversational voice, with or without a hearing aid as required; ability to speak, to understand and be understood, under normal circumstances; sufficient use of arms, hands, legs and feet to accomplish assigned tasks.

Ability to individually lift up to 100 pounds and to lift and transport equipment and materials with others in excess of 200 pounds. Must be able to push or pull heavy loads. Must be able to stoop and bend for long periods of time and work in confined spaces.

Must be able to work in confined spaces requiring stooping, crawling, and bending; climb ladders or other elevated platforms to heights up to 50 feet and be able to work from high areas.
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