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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1997-09-23
College of Engineering, Mathematics and Business
Title: Mechanical Lab Engineer
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative direction and reporting directly to the Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology; to install, maintain, trouble-shoot, and repair mechanical and electro-mechanical systems in all the engineering labs; to interact extensively with students including supervising and training student workers, supervising and coaching students working in the machine shop, manufacturing and robotics labs; and to provide guidance to student oriented projects.
Duties and Responsibilities
Fabrication, mechanical maintenance and mechanical repair of equipment for all engineering laboratories, (machine shop, manufacturing, robotics, electrical, and digital).

Supervise and train students working in the machine shop, mechanical, manufacturing and robotics areas.

Supervise and train student employees in the mechanical, manufacturing, and robotics areas.

Organize and store equipment and supplies in mechanical, manufacturing, and robotics areas.

Order and maintain inventory of mechanical supplies and equipment.

Responsible for yearly maintenance and scheduling of equipment calibration.

Perform administratively approved tests and tasks for any entity associated with the School of Engineering and Technology. Examples might include prototype testing, material tensile tests, product testing, and project building.

Actively participate in professional development activities, which could include workshops, conferences, and on-campus lectures as deemed appropriate by the Dean, in an effort to stay knowledgeable in current technology.

Provide guidance to the Dean in maintaining a safe, clean, and organized working environment throughout all spaces associated with the School of Engineering and Technology.

Other duties as assigned.
Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering technology, manufacturing engineering technology, or related area. Required skills include machining, welding, foundry practices, and fabrication. Also needed are skills in maintenance and repair of equipment such as lathes, mills, grinders, CNC machines, robots and PLCs.
Physical and Mental Demands
Ability to hear the conversational voice, with or without a hearing aid as required; ability to speak, to understand and be understood, under normal circumstances; full use of arms, hands, legs and feet, or sufficient use of arms, hands, legs and feet to accomplish assigned tasks.

Ability to individually lift up to 100 pounds and to lift and transport equipment and materials with others in excess of 200 pounds. Must be able to push or pull heavy loads. Must be able to stoop and bend for long periods of time and work in confined spaces.

Must be able to work in confined spaces requiring stooping, crawling, and bending; climb ladders or other elevated platforms to heights up to 50 feet and be able to work from high areas.
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