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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1984-01-01
Title: Media Specialist
Function and Responsibility
Under general supervision from the Director of the Media Center, to perform a variety of responsible and complex tasks related to the procurement, preparation, installation, maintenance, operation, and utilization of media material and equipment; and to maintain an active working relationship with faculty in the promotion and utilization of media in the instruction process. Under general supervision of the Director of Computer Services responsible for repair, and to supervise use of academic microcomputers.
Duties and Responsibilities
Instructional Development: manage and administer the media programs; produce graphic, photographic, print, and audio materials; produce video programming for faculty and students; design and install changes to closed circuit television system.

Equipment: inventory, distribute and repair all audio visual equipment; maintain closed circuit television system and language lab; provide for security of facilities and equipment.

Accounting and budget: prepare audio visual budget for review by Director of Audio Visual Center; maintain budget control; maintain records on equipment and program utilization; maintain equipment repair records; maintain records for department chargebacks, sales and inventory of audio visual supplies; maintain records for rental of audio visual media and equipment.

Train, supervise, and evaluate assigned personnel; evaluate effectiveness of assigned area and make improvements when necessary; write and update operating procedures.

Maintain and develop relationships with faculty and staff to promote media utilization; assist in planning new instructional modules to meet faculty and student needs; provide assistance to faculty and students in the production and use of media materials and equipment; prepare cost studies and recommendation of systems for various academic and administrative departments (i.e. Language lab); maintain contacts with producers and distributors of equipment, supplies and programs; assist in the purchasing of audio visual related equipment and materials.

Microcomputer services: investigate student complaints on microcomputers; assist students and faculty in the correct operation of microcomputers and programs; maintain the microcomputers in accordance with the standards and procedure outlined by the Director of Computer Services.
Associate degree in Electronic Engineering Technology; three to five years experience in media center operation and repair; ability to produce media material generally found in media center; ability to perform basic repair on various audio visual and office equipment, Broadcom Cable Network and microcomputers; have a general knowledge of computer operation and computer systems.
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