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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 2002-06-17
Title: Head Hockey Coach
Function and Responsibility
Under administrative direction of the Athletic Director, directs the organization, implementation and administration of all activities of the hockey program and summer hockey school.
Duties and Responsibilities
Prepare and manage the hockey program budget in accordance with University policies and directives.

Participate in the establishment and implementation of recruiting procedures of student-athletes, the athletic grant-in-aid program, and the preparation of tenders.

Assists in scouting schedules for high school and college prospects.

Interviews prospective players and their parents/guardians and coaches.

Demonstrate effectiveness in recruiting, training, coaching, evaluating and supervising student athletes to attain their maximum level of athletic performance and to compete successfully against major college competition in a quality program.

Be a disciplinarian but be fair, sympathetic and protective of the student athletes while motivating them to excellence while upholding academic and moral integrity.

Prepare players for each game and each season with dedication, while maintaining a mature attitude and keeping emotions under control.

Satisfactorily pass all tests and examinations required by the NCAA or University regarding knowledge of rules and regulations governing hockey, coaching certification, recruitment of student athletes and intercollegiate completion, and attend all preparatory instructional educational sessions as directed by the Athletic Director of his/her designee.

Maintains complete knowledge of, and strict compliance with, the rules and regulations governing the sport of hockey, recruitment of student athletes, and intercollegiate athletic competition.

Comply with directives and instructions of superiors and supervisors.

Assist, attend, and participate in meetings and conferences as well as fundraising, alumni, public and media events, gatherings, and efforts as directed by the Athletic Director, and maintain a program of frequent and systematic personal communication with the University's student body at large.

Maintains contact and good relations with various public groups and informing the public about the hockey program; participating in the entertainment of parents, news media, and representatives of other schools.

May serve on the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference or the Central Collegiate Hockey Association; consulting and advising athletic booster clubs; may represent the University at various meetings.

Submit written reports as requested by the Athletic Director on the condition of the hockey program, the performance of the hockey coaching staff, and such additional information as may be required by the Athletic Director.

Cooperate fully in investigations and proceedings involving the University, employees, or any other employee or student athlete.

Perform related duties as required.
Bachelor's degree; three to five years experience in college hockey as a coach; knowledge of college hockey; thorough understanding of NCAA rules and regulations.
Physical and Mental Demands
Adequate health and fitness to maintain strenuous schedule of practice sessions and travel with the team; full use of hands, arms, feet, and legs to perform and teach hockey skills; use of gross motor skills in teaching and training functions and in promotional activities; ability to hear, see, speak clearly, with or without aids, to participate in training, recruiting, fund-raising, and promotional activities.
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