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FLSA Designation
Date Issued: 1992-05-22
Information Services
Title: Network Specialist
Function and Responsibility
Under the direction of the Supervisor of Computer Operations and Maintenance, responsible for installation, implementation, monitoring, maintenance, and support of campus-wide computer networks; maintenance of computer hardware; maintenance and repair of telecommunications equipment; backup support in the operations of the central computer system; and other related projects when required.
Duties and Responsibilities
Develop and maintain a campus-wide cabling diagram for telephone cabling and computer network cabling showing cable type, cable routes, punch-block locations, pair counts, etc. Develop and maintain a network configuration diagram showing the location, equipment type, node names and addresses, for all equipment connected to the networks.

Develop network configuration set-ups for the campus network (WAN) and for microcomputer networks (LANs-included in the WAN).

Assist in the operations of the University telecommunications system. Responsible for installation, preventive maintenance, and repair of telecommunications hardware, cables, and peripheral equipment. Maintain a working inventory of tools, replacement parts, and cables for the telecommunications system. Maintain service records for all work performed, including parts used and man-hours required.

Coordinate the ordering and installation of equipment and/or software. Plan the sequence and scheduling of events: ordering of items for vendor, delivery of equipment to user, software/hardware configuration changes, connection of network links, demonstrate equipment operation for end-user. Perform all installation work and schedule work so as to minimize disruption of the user department.

Responsible for the installation and operation of network operation system software for the network servers on campus. Develop configuration guidelines for servers (directory structure, user set-ups, etc.). Responsible for installation and configuration of application software on network servers. Keep up-to-date with operating system changes, modifications, new releases, and perform upgrades when necessary.

Develop and implement performance improvement measures for the campus-wide computer network, to include: gather and analyze network performance data (from minicomputers, servers, network analyzers, hubs, etc.); determine network changes that will improve performance. Implement software, hardware, and operational measures to improve overall central computer and network performance.

Assist the Operations Supervisor in the development and maintenance of a disaster recovery plan for all areas of the campus computer system. Assist in the development and implementation of a tape backup plan for the central computer system. Develop and maintain a tape backup plan for campus local area networks (LANs). Assist individual users with file backup/disaster recovery procedures.

Develop and implement adequate security measures for the central computer and campus-wide computer
network. Maintain security for campus LANs. Implement software, hardware, and operational measures to improve system and network security.

Participate in the planning and evaluation process of new equipment purchases and future needs/expansions. Keep up-to-date with vendor announcements, product literature, and technology advances. Assist in the planning and evaluation of alternatives for upgrading and expanding data communication services.

Provide backup operational support on the central computer systems when required.

Other duties as assigned.
Associate degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering Technology or related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience (a total of five years experience), two years of which involve experience in computer operations and hardware maintenance; three years experience with network systems, preferably with DIGITAL and Novell networking products; two years work experience with telecommunications systems, preferably with a digital PBX; mechanical and electronic aptitude; knowledge of networking (software, hardware, cabling); ability to interact and communicate positively with computer users; willingness to accept odd hours and/or shift work.
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