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Human Resources

Employee of the Year
In Recognition of Outstanding Service to the Campus Community

2016 Honorees


Karen Storey

Administrative Professional

Health Care Center Director



Sheri Garee


Academic Assistant


Previous Year's Honorees

Year Support Staff Administrative/Professional
2014-2015 Jerry Killips Jackie Kellerman
2013-2014 George Carlisle Arlene MacPherson
2012-2013 Kathy Marchand Luanne Webb
2011-2012 Christine Roll Nancy Neve
2010-2011 Laura Bofinger Georgiana Cox
2009-2010 Jeff Harris Stella DePlonty
2008-2009 Judy Bawks Al Case
2007-2008 Colleen Barr Jerry Stephens
2006-2007 Deborah Pietrangelo Sharon Dorrity
2005-2006 Nora Izzard Mary St. Antoine
2004-2005 Kathy Danielkiewicz Heather Ferguson
2003-2004 Donna White Colleen Rye
2002-2003 Cheri Hoornstra Tom Pink
2001-2002 Laurie DeNeve-Ewing Holly Johnson
2000-2001 Theresa M. Weaver Kari Jastorff
1999-2000 Janine Murray Kahler Schuemann
1998-1999 Donald S. Jones Suzette M. Olson
1997-1998 Patricia A. Roe Roger Greil
1996-1997 Pauline H. Killips Cheri L. Castner
1995-1996 Judith V. Jones Karen L. Shackleton
1994-1995 Donna M. Payment Robbin S. Manor
1993-1994 Terri D. Peller Susan K. Camp
1992-1993 Jeanne E.Thompson Margaret E. Olson
1991-1992 Trinda A. Pontus Beverly E. White
1990-1991 Mary K. Person Conrad A. Schmitigal


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