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Courtesies to Retirees

Definition of Retiree
An employee is defined as a retiree if ten (10) years of continuous full-time or equivalent part-time service is completed at Lake Superior State University. The age and service requirements for retirement as defined under the provisions of the Michigan Public School Employee’s Retirement System (MPSERS) – MIP program must also be met or if the employee is covered under the TIAA-CREF retirement program the required age provisions must be met.

Identification Cards
Permanent LSSU Retiree Cards are available for retiree and spouse. Please make arrangements to receive your card through the Human Resources Office.Retirees and spouses shall present their LSSU Retiree Identification Card for admission to University events and for other courtesies outlined in this document. The identification card is non-transferable and may only be used by the person to whom it is issued. Retiree identification cards are valid during the lifetime of both the retiree and the retiree’s spouse.

Campus Parking Permits
Permits for designated parking areas are available, without charge, from the Student Service Center, located in the Fletcher Center.

Social Functions
Retirees are invited to the Annual Retirement and Service Awards Ceremony, the annual Christmas party, the annual Boat Trip, and other special events.

Recreational Facilities
The LSSU Retiree Identification Card entitles you to walking, jogging and swimming privileges at the Norris Center and Student Activities Center during normal public hours. Retirees may purchase a racquet membership at University employee rates.

Tickets to Athletic Events
Retirees and their spouses shall be admitted free to all LSSU regular-season athletic events. Reduced rates for dependents, other than spouses, are not available for LSSU retirees.Retirees and spouses shall present a University-issued identification card for admission to athletic events. Hockey games, however, are an exception (procedure follows).

    Retirees and their spouses wishing reserved seats for the entire hockey season may reserve season tickets through the Norris Center Ticket Office (906-635-2602) prior to the start of the season. Season tickets will not, however, be provided at the time of reservation. Retirees and spouses must pick up the free tickets Monday through Wednesday prior to each game weekend. Season tickets not picked up by Wednesday will be sold. Retirees and spouses will be notified of the enrollment period by the Norris Center Ticket Office. Following the reserve season ticket period, and prior to the start of the hockey season, retirees and spouses are allowed to reserve single game tickets. On game nights, retirees and spouses who do not hold season tickets or who have not reserved single game tickets prior to the start of the season, will receive seats, if seats are available.

Cultural Events
Free admittance and/or reduced rates to selected cultural events, when the proceeds from such events accrue to the University, are available to retiree and spouse by showing an LSSU Retiree Identification Card.

The Office of Public Relations will send copies of University publications and news stories, clippings, and releases on or about retirees to retirees when such items occur.

Participation in the University’s Tuition Waiver Program is available for retiree only. One course per semester is allowed. Forms are available in the Human Resources Office.

Barnes & Noble at Lake Superior State University
A fifteen percent (15%) discount on LSSU imprinted clothing and gifts, excluding sale items, is available at Barnes & Noble at Lake Superior State University upon presentation of an LSSU Retiree Identification Card.

Library Privileges
Library services and privileges for retirees will remain the same as those provided for current faculty and staff. An office located in the Library building is designated for use by emeriti faculty.

Career and Employment Services
Visit the Career and Employment Services Office, located in the west end of South Hall, for free use of available information including job listings.

Emeriti faculty are invited to march in Commencement. All retirees are invited to attend the annual LSSU Commencement exercises.

For further information, write or call:
Human Resources Office
Lake Superior State University
650 W. Easterday Avenue
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

From time to time, retirement courtesies may change out of necessity; but one element never changes: Lake Superior State University ’s desire to have you return often and participate in its academic and social activities.

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