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Training Materials

The attached list of training materials is available for use in classrooms, for extra reading assignments, departmental training, or individual use. Please call the Human Resources Office to schedule the time when you wish to use these resources. They may either be taken to your work site or viewed in the conference room in the administration building.


ACT for Equal Treatment (sex discrimination) (12 min.)
Anticipation: RX For Crisis Management (18 min.)
Arbitration: Seven Tests of Just Cause (52 Min)
Avoiding Conflict in the Workplace - Seven Sections (1 hr. 20 min.)
Drug Free Work Place – 20 Questions about the Drug Free Workplace (12 Min)
Drug Free Work Place – Drug Abuse at Work (24 Min)
Drug Free Workplace: Six Ordinary People (30 Min)
DrugFree Workplace (24 min.)
Fair Labor Stands Act (FLSA)
Getting the Most out of your Meetings (15 Min)
How To Motivate the Problem Employee (22 min.)
How To Say It -Communication (22 min.)
Indecent Proposals (48 min.)
Intent Vs. Impact (sexual harassment) (30 min.)
Interview Guide For Supervisors (16.09 min.)
Legal Liability for Human Resource Professionals (30 Min)
Manager’s Advantage – Preventing Management Mistakes (22 Min)
Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System – Rise To The Challenge (6 Min)
Performance Standards & Objectives (22 min.)
Power of Knowledge Conference: Sue Hampton/Michael Gallagher – Sue Pratt
See What I Am Saying – Parent Child Communication (30 Min)
Sex, Power and the Workplace (60 min.)
Sexual Harassment - What is it and Why Should I Care? (40 min.) (TV Program)
Sexual Harassment in the Academic Workplace (25 min.)
Sexual Harassment is Bad Business (21 min.)
Sexual Harassment: Issues & Answers (19 min.)
Six Keys to Service (16 min.)
Supervisory Training Series - may be used singly or in series:
Systematic Interviewing (60 min.)
Take Charge - Project Leadership (16 min.)
Target Interviewing (22 min.)
The New Telephone Manners (10.54 min.)
The New Workplace: Opening the Doors (2 Hr. 30 Min)
The Workplace: Opening New Doors, Americans with Disabilities (28 Min)
The Workplace-Opening New Doors (ADA) (30 min.)
Time On The Line (13 min.)
Total Quality Learning Seminar - tape of the 6/7/93 seminar by Dr. Sherr. (4 hrs.)
Training Track: Managing Conflict (17 Min)
Training Track: The Performance Evaluation Interview (27 Min)
Workforce Skills - 2 Phone Skills Sections, 2 Service Excellence Sections (150 min. total)
Working Solutions-Educating for Basic Worker Skills (TV Program) (30 min.)SETS:
4 Sets
1. Practice for Excellence, Path to Success Connections
2. The Language of Positive Communication Connections
3. The Art of Satisfying Student Connections
2 Copies
Retirement Ahead: Save Now 1997 CUPA National Seminar, Satellite Broadcast, Washington DC (104 Min)
3 Copies
Performance Appraisal (19 min.)


Essential Telephone Communication - series of 6 cassettes with self-training manual.


Essential Telephone Communication – Michigan Bell
The Drug Free Work Place Act – A Compliance and Implementation Guide
Main Street – Your Right to Know


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