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  • Public forum to explore issues of seafood sustainability
    As the world's population grows, and the demand for seafood increases, the question we should be asking ourselves is . . . is the present rate of consumption sustainable? TODAY! [ more ]
  • Student fashionistas cross food with superheros!
    April 19's fashion show Food Fashion Superheroes -vs- Fantasy features all manner of snacks and sweets shaped into 23 food-based costumes choreographed to a theme of graphic-novel superheroes. Now with preview photos! [ more ]
  • Clothesline Project hangs domestic violence out to dry
    LSSU's campus life office and counseling services team encourage domestic violence survivors – themselves, friends, or families – to illustrate shirts with messages and art. Creations will be displayed through April in LSSU's Cisler Center. [ more ]
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