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Faculty Exchanges at Two Chinese Partner Universities

City of Shaoxing


City of Suzhou

In the past two summers, three of our colleagues, Prof. Becky Davis (Education), Dr. Russell Searight (Psychology), Dr. Ralf Wilhelms (Business), visited Shaoxing University, our partner university in China, as part of a faculty exchange program. While there, Dr. Searight gave eight lectures and workshops on psychology-related topics. Dr. Wilhelms taught a six-week condensed course in international business for two consecutive years. Prof. Davis gave eight lectures and presentations on early childhood education. They also had ample opportunities to interact with students, faculty, staff, and people beyond the campus by visiting local schools, businesses, other facilities, etc.

Although their visits at Shaoxing University were relatively short, they all rated their experience as extremely worthwhile and encourage others to look into this opportunity seriously. Ralf described his experiences as “extraordinary and unforgettable.” Russell referred to his visit as “very meaningful and certainly did benefit professional development in many ways.” Becky strongly encourages other colleagues to take the opportunity with the following, “Experiencing China will broaden your perspective of the influence culture has on education and educational systems. Getting to know the Shaoxing professors on a personal level will help you appreciate global perspectives. You can of course read about China and the education system, but if given the opportunity to be an exchange faculty, take it! My first-hand experiences at Shaoxing University were invaluable. If given an opportunity to go back, I would!”

The International Education Office is very pleased to announce that in summer 2016, Shaoxing University will again host LSSU faculty members beginning in May for up to three months. Any LSSU full-time faculty member who is interested in visiting, giving lectures, seminars, workshops or conducting research at Shaoxing University for a few weeks up to three months, may submit an application to the Provost’s Office by February 29, 2016.


NOTE: LSSU faculty participating in the program will be responsible for the cost of their international travel, but room and board will be provided through our agreements. Faculty may use their Professional Development Funds for travel. You may contact Guidi Yang by email at, by phone at (906) 635-2181, or stop by her office in Library 208 regarding procedures, visa application and travel plans.



Shaoxing University is a comprehensive university with an enrollment of over 20,000 students in sixty-two (62) undergraduate degree programs in ten (10) academic disciplines, economics, management, liberal arts, science, engineering, medical science, law, agriculture, education, and arts. Shaoxing is in Zhejiang Province and is 125 miles away from Shanghai (one and a half hours by express train).

Dr. Russell Searight at Shaoxing University in summer 2014

Dr. Russell Searight at Shaoxing University in summer 2014

Dr. Ralf Wilhelms at Shaoxing University in summer 2014

Dr. Ralf Wilhelms at Shaoxing University in summer 2014

Chinese faculty and students with LSSU President, Thomas Pleger and LSSU Professor Guidi Yang (center)

Dr. Robert Hildebrand shows the Robotics to the Shaoxing University Delegation

Provost Morrie Walworth, Deans Paige Gordier and Barb Keller with the delegation from Shaoxing University

Dr. Derek Wright and Ben Southwell show their area to the delegation from Shaoxing University