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GoogleApp Migration

Why migrate to Google Apps?

Significant increase in email/calendaring storage space per user.  7260 MB of space allotted to each user on the Google Apps system, compared to 300 MB space for faculty/staff and 50 MB of space allotted to students in the current system.

Using Google Apps is more cost effective than the current system.  The data is stored on Google servers, hence there is no email/calendaring servers to maintain in house.

How do I access my email/calendar after Google Apps Migration?

You can access your email/calendar at: after your current email account has been migrated. 

You could also setup your computer to access Google Apps mail/calendar through the following IT supported programs:

Want to configure other email programs to access your Google Apps email/calendar account.


Mission: “The Department of Information Technology supports and upholds the mission of Lake Superior State University through the efficient use of technology in support of the campus community.”

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