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LSSU Department of Information Technology


Located in the Administration building, room 105. (8:00am-5:00pm)

The Lake Superior State University Information Technology Helpdesk is a useful source of information for University technology resources. The University Helpdesk can assist students/staff with the following:

  • Residential Network (ResNet)
  • Telephone/voicemail information and problems
  • Username/password information and problems
  • Worm detection and fix tools
  • Virus and spy ware detection and fix

For a scheduled appointment, one of our employees will come out to a student's room. Some of the guidelines we follow include:

  • Knocking on a student's door or otherwise alerting the student to their presence before entering the student's room.
  • If the student lives in a small group house, we will attempt to gain entrance to the house by knocking on one of the main entrance doors.
  • Our staff may glance around the room. This is not to invade the student's privacy, but to see if there are any devices or other issues that could be causing a network or connection issue.
  • Our staff are not allowed to open up the computer case. If any hardware needs to be installed, our staff can, if they have the necessary experience, advise the student on what needs to be done, but cannot touch the inside of the computer themselves.
  • At any point, if there is a license agreement or similar prompt that requires a user prompt to agree or otherwise continue, the student will be required to take the necessary action.
  • When encountering antivirus software that has expired, our staff will ask if you would like it removed and install a free antivirus program.
  • Some freeware and shareware programs, typically peer-to-peer programs, come bundled with various kinds of adware and spyware. It is possible that programs such as these may stop working after our staff have worked on a computer to clean it of malware issues.


Mission: “The Department of Information Technology supports and upholds the mission of Lake Superior State University through the efficient use of technology in support of the campus community.”

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