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Department of Information Technology

Telephone and Voicemail Information (On-campus Students)

Lake Superior State University on-campus students are provided with a telephone connection in their room. Students are required to bring their own telephone/answering machine to connect to the University supplied telephone jack in the room.

IMPORTANT: 900 MHz and 5.8 GHz cordless telephones are compatible with the University telephone system and may be used in the rooms. Please note that 2.4 GHz cordless telephones are NOT compatible with the University telephone system and will not function correctly if connected to the University phone system.

Long distance service is NOT provided by the University. The University recommends that students utilize pre-paid calling cards for accessing long distance service. 800 numbers access is available through the local telephone service provided by the University.

Dial "9" to access off-campus calling. To make calls to on-campus phones - only the last four numbers (extension) are needed

The University provides telephone service for dialing on-campus, local and 800 telephone numbers.  Students are not charged for this service.

Phone numbers are distributed by housing. If you do not know your number, check with your RA/CA or contact Housing.

Mission: “The Department of Information Technology supports and upholds the mission of Lake Superior State University through the efficient use of technology in support of the campus community.”

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