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ALEKSALEKS® (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces)

ALEKS® is a web-based, assessment and learning system for MATH 087, MATH 088 and MATH 102.

It is different from other on-line learning programs in that it…

  • Uses artificial intelligence to target gaps in student knowledge
  • Adapts to student needs with individualized instruction
  • Provides clear explanations and immediate feedback
  • Monitors learning progress with automated reports
  • After a break, automatically returns the student to the place he/she was working
  • Offers unlimited on-line access from any computer

When you first login to ALEKS®, you will be taken through a brief tutorial to show you how to use the program. You will then be given an assessment to determine your current level of course knowledge. Once the assessment is complete, ALEKS® will develop a pie chart that represents which topics have been mastered and which ones you are ready to learn. You select the topic to study and ALEKS® generates practice problems that teach the selected topic. Complete explanations and step-by-step procedures for solving each problem are available. When you consistently choose the correct answers, ALEKS® considers the topic learned. Your pie chart is then updated and you can move on to the next topic.

ALEKS® will also periodically reassess you to ensure that topics have been learned and are being retained in long term memory. Courses in ALEKS® are aligned with the following LSSU courses:

  • MATH 087
  • MATH 088
  • MATH 102

Is ALEKS® right for me?

If you can answer “YES” to each of these statements, ALEKS® may work well for you.

  1. When rating my skills using a computer, I would say I’m comfortable, competent and a frequent user.
  2. I think I’m someone who often gets things done ahead of time.
  3. When I get directions for an assignment or project, I like to figure out the instructions on my own or try to follow the directions, asking for help if necessary.
  4. I like to get feedback on my work right away.
  5. The amount of time I have to work on an online course is about six to ten hours a week.
  6. As a reader, I would classify myself as good; I usually understand a text without help.

Register for ALEKS®

Purchase an ALEKS access code from the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at LSSU. If you are uncertain as to which code to purchase, please see the ALEKS Coordinator in LIBR 149 first or call (906) 635-2355.

Bring your receipt to the ALEKS Coordinator in LIBR 149 to receive your course code and a brief orientation to using ALEKS. 

System Requirements

  • PC: Pentium or equivalent processor. Minimum 64MB RAM. Windows 98 or higher.
  • Macintosh: PowerMac or iMac with a minimum of 64MB RAM. Mac OS 10.3 or higher.
  • Internet access is required.
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