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Making A Tutoring Appoinment

Before requesting tutoring, talk to your instructor to see what kind of support you may need. Also, inquire about supplemental instruction (SI) sessions. If SI is available for your course(s), an SI leader will make an announcement in class during the first few weeks of school. When the SI leader schedules the sessions, always try those first; if the sessions do not fulfill your needs then come to the Learning Center and sign up for a tutor.

Tutors are booked on a first-come-first-served basis. In order to sign up for a tutor, we require that you physically come to the Academic Success Center in Rooms 112-113 on the lower level of the KJS Library Building and have your schedule and course number available. Students are allowed (initially) to sign up for one hour per week per course for tutoring. If the tutor feels two hours per week are needed, the request can be accommodated, granted that available tutor hours remain. However, no student shall be scheduled for more than two (2) hours per week per course without permission of the director.

Tutoring sessions may have up to three students per session. We will do our best to accommodate one-on-one tutoring requests, but if student demands for tutoring are greater than our tutor supply, tutoring sessions may grow to four students.

For more information on assistance that may be available to you, call Geralyn Narkiewicz at (906) 635-2228, email or stop by LIBR 106.

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