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Math Center

The Math Center offers a wide variety of services suited to the many needs of students. From one-on-one and small group tutoring, computer software to vidoes and audio tapes, the Math Center has what you need to succeed in math ... from pre-algebra through calculus.

Math Walk-in Center provides you with an opportunity to work with peers and a qualified tutor to increase understanding of challenging material.

  • Study sessions provide a more relaxed atmosphere to help you focus better.
  • Discussing math problems with your peers can provide you with new perspectives in problem-solving.

Walk-in sessions are open to students to ask questions and get help.

  • Hours
    • Monday - Thursday: 10:00-6:00pm in LBR127
    • Friday: 10:00pm-2:00pm in LBR127
    • Sunday: 5:00-9:00pm in LBR127
  • Extended Hours for Finals Week:
    • Saturday, April 26: 1:00pm-5pm
    • Sunday, April 27: 1:00am-9:00pm
    • Monday-Wednesday, April. 28-30: 10:00am-5:00pm
    • Thursday, May 1: 10:00am-5:00pm
  • One-on-one and small group appointment tutoring is available for basic math through calculus courses.
  • Tutors can help you break down tricky problems and concepts.
  • Tutors can assist you in learning how to use scientific calculators.
  • Click here for information on Tutoring.

Our computer, video, audio, and text-based tutorials allow you to improve your math skills at a pace you set for yourself.

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