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In efforts to keep abreast of new developments in education; the Learning Center rapidly adapts new technology and procedures to ensure students the most up-to-date resources and assistance available. This ability to keep pace with rapid change is a key element in the Learning Center's organizational philosophy.

Stay on Track

Time doesn't stand still, and neither does the Learning Center. Check out the following pages to keep up on what's going down: Hours, Policies , Schedule, and Site Map. To find out what the Learning Center has done in past months, check out our Archive page.


Visit the archives to find events that have taken place and to read summaries about each past event and how they turned out.

Notable News

The Learning Center has recently undergone re-certification by the College Reading and Learning Association. The purpose of the CRLA is to provide recognition and positive reinforcement for tutors successful work from an international organization. This certification program sets the standards by which tutors become certified. There are three levels of certification available through the CRLA. Each level requires ten (10) hours of training and twenty-five (25) hours of actual tutoring. The CRLA certifies programs, not individual. Certified programs are then able to certify individual tutors themselves. For more information check out the CRLA certification page.
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