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News Reporter: Jade Olds

Jade OldsI came to LSSU as a liberal arts major. I was planning to switch my major to marketing, and then I took Communication 101. I loved the subject matter and the professor was extremely knowledgeable and inspiring. I reviewed the communication courses and requirements and decided that it was definitely the major for me. I was still interested in marketing so I decided to make it my minor.

I am planning to become a television news reporter, and maybe someday a news anchor. In this field you can never know too much. That's where LSSU's general education courses have helped out. I believe I am now equipped with the requisite variety I need to effectively report any news story with intelligence and confidence.

Because of LSSU's small size, all my professors know my name. They also know my career goals and are willing to do all they can to help me achieve them.

Communication majors are required to complete an internship or senior directed study. The internship requirement has been crucial in assuring my success in broadcast journalism. I will graduate with real world experience and know exactly what to expect on the job.

When I first spoke with WLUC TV6, I thought I would simply be writing a couple web stories a week. I am now generating, filming, writing, and editing, news stories that are actually part of their newscast. I never thought I would have acquired this much experience before I graduated. I plan to finish the internship at the end of the semester.

When I saw my first news package air, it was so rewarding. Most news reporters don't get that chance before graduating. When I started my internship there were a lot of technical difficulties and bumps in the road. This type of thing was all new to me, and I was figuring it out pretty much by myself. Because TV-6 is located in Marquette, there was no one in the Sault that could help. I was very frustrated at times, but seeing my story completed made it all worthwhile.

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