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What's wrong with Wikipedia?

Technically, nothing. Wikipedia is a project where anyone can create an account, and then edit existing articles or create new entries. The people who contribute to Wikipedia may be international experts sharing what they know with interested people. But, the contributors may also be up to no good. In fact, one History class created a fake pirate in Wikipedia just to see who they could dupe into believing it. Most faculty state explicitly that they don't want students to use Wikipedia as a source for academic work. They want you to find more reputible information.

There's an easy alternative. Use Credo Reference This product is almost as simple to use as Wikipedia, and has a much better reputation. You will not need to defend anything you find in Credo Reference to faculty members, as the contents are from well known reference books. You can use it from off campus by logging in to your My.LSSU account, clicking on the My Library tab, and then cursoring down the list to the Reference category. There, you'll find a link to Credo Reference for off campus use.

If you're looking for general information, type the topic in the search box and click on Search. If you are looking for subject specific material, click on the drop down menu and choose the appropriate subject area, then type in the specific topic and click on Search. All material in Credo Reference is full text, and while the information is delivered via the Internet, it's all from published works.